Teaching awards and grants celebrate and endorse outstanding achievement and innovation in teaching and learning at the university level. CDU staff are encouraged to seek recognition for their individual and team contributions to learning and teaching. Not only to gain the benefits that come from having your efforts recognised, but because it is an invaluable part of the professional development process.

A wide range of awards are available across the Higher Education and VET sectors, as well as various industry and faculty areas, and are listed below. The Vice Chancellor’s Awards are generally seen as the stepping stone to other external learning and teaching awards.

Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
Blackboard Exemplary Course Award
NT VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year
NT Training Initiative Award
Australian Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
Australian Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award
Australian National Leadership in VET Quality Award
Awards for Programmes that Enhance Learning
Awards for Teaching Excellence


Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

The Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning each year recognise and reward the diverse contributions that individuals and teams make to the quality of student learning at Charles Darwin University.

The Awards seek to recognise excellence in learning and teaching, and encourage reflection, improvement, benchmarking and dissemination of best-practice approaches to teaching and programs, particularly those that align with the strategic priorities of the University.

Individuals or teams that have made a significant and sustained contribution to student learning in higher education and VET, and towards the strategic priorities of CDU, may be recognised with an award citation and an allocation of $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for teams.

The awards will be presented by the Vice-Chancellor at the end of the year, and recipients will be able to use the funds to:

  • Advance their learning and teaching career
  • Provide additional resources to support teaching or learning activities related to the award; and
  • Disseminate good practice in learning and teaching.

Award winners will provide a showcase presentation on their learning and teaching practice, arranged in conjunction with the Office of Learning and Teaching, and will also take part in staff professional development activities that aim to improve the quality of learning and teaching at the University.

Further information on the awards, application process and assessment is contained in the following document: 

Additional information about the three categories of awards, for academic, research and general staff, can be accessed on the Vice Chancellor’s Awards webpage.

ES Citations and Awards

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training is responsible for administering the Australian Awards for University Teaching. These awards recognise the diverse contributions made by individuals and teams to improve the student learning experience.

Your ES Education and Training Developer is the main contact for the awards.  It is important that you speak to them as they will facilitate the process of submission and are able to support teaching staff to apply, which can include information, advice, and guidance with drafts. Note that nominations go through an expression of interest and an internal process of review by a panel and approval is then given for nominations to proceed based on University support (required dates above).  

For further information, especially in regards to collecting evidence, please see the Resources section below and also contact your ES Education and Training Developer.

Essential Reading:
CDU Nomination Guideline: Citations and Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (doc 250kb)

The 2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching Nomination Instructions and Nomination Forms are available online on the Department of Education and Training website.  This document provides all of the information related to eligibility requirements, application format and assessment criteria.  It covers the following awards:

Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
Description: Citations recognise and reward the diverse contribution that individuals and teams make to the quality of student learning. Citations are awarded to academic, general and sessional staff, and institutional associates, who have made significant contributions to student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period.

Awards for Programmes that Enhance Learning
Description: Programme Awards recognise learning and teaching support programmes and services that make an outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and the quality of the student experience of higher education. The programmes and services that receive Programme Awards must have demonstrated their effectiveness through rigorous evaluation and will set benchmarks for similar activities in other institutions.

Awards for Teaching Excellence
Description: Teaching Awards celebrate a group of the nation’s most outstanding university teachers in their fields. Teaching Awards give recognition to teachers (individuals and teams) renowned for the excellence of their teaching, who have outstanding presentation skills and who have made a broad and deep contribution to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in higher education.