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CDU has a variety of learning and teaching spaces that are fitted with innovative technologies and have layouts and furniture to foster student-centred learning through collaboration and active learning.

A basic minimum of technology has been provided in all the centrally timetabled rooms to promote flexible spaces and provide lecturers and students with more control over their teaching and learning.

Collaborate teaching spaces

The centrally timetabled Collaborate rooms (Red 6.1.01, 6.1.07, 6.1.08, 6.1.15, Blue 1.1.14, 1.1.35, 1.1.42, Orange 2.4.07, 6.2.07 and Yellow 1.1.39) are rooms specially set up with cameras and microphones to enable your external and internal students to engage in synchronous collaborative learning during your lectures and tutorials through the Learnline Collaborate software. Numerous other non-central spaces have been set up similarly.

The design of the collaborate spaces has been guided by the desire to achieve the following objectives:

Pedagogy Space Technology

Supports student-centred learning

Supports active learning

Fostering of holistic course/unit design

Improve attainment of graduate attributes

Increase students' sense of responsibility for their learning

Welcoming and comfortable

Group based opportunities

Supports a range of learning activities

Focus can shift between lecturer and students

Furniture is adaptable

Easy and reliable

Interactive projectors with wired and wireless options

Screen swapping capabilities

Collaborate enabled

Seamlessly integrated physical and virtual learning environments


Guides on how to use the technology in CDU teaching spaces:

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Red 6 Teaching Space Breakout rooms Telephone system Computer system Blue 1 Teaching Space Epson short throw projector Blue 1 Teaching Space Yellow 1 Teaching Space Blue 1 Teaching Space Room kit Document camera Control Document camera Video screen Red 6 teaching space