Contact Officers

Our Contact Officers are a group of individuals from different backgrounds who have come together to be the first point of contact for students and staff experiencing discrimination, harassment, victimisation or bullying and want to talk to someone about their options or would like further information. CDU’s volunteer network is across several campuses, and always looking to expand.

Contact Officers are trained in the basic skills and requirements of being a contact officer, equal opportunities legislation and responsibilities, bullying and discrimination legislation, mandatory reporting responsibilities in the NT, and how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence.

The role of a Contact Officer is to:

  • Provide information to the student/staff to enable them to make an informed choice as to how to deal with their concern;
  • Provide information about the options available to them for resolution;
  • Provide the individual with information relating to counselling and/or other support services that they are able to access; or/and
  • If the individual wishes to make a formal complaint, provide them with the appropriate information of how this can be completed.

A Contact Officer is not able to:

  • Provide counselling;
  • Investigate or mediate complaints; or
  • Provide support on any other matter asides those listed above.

All discussions with Contact Officers will be treated in confidence with respect to mandatory reporting under legislation.

All Contact Officers are available between 8am and 4.21pm Monday to Friday unless detailed otherwise.

Contact Officers

Chris Shilton

Disability Liaison Officer

Student Engagement & Success

Alice Springs Campus

Alice 1.1.4

08 8959 5230

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

Chris Little

Student Advisor

Student Engagement & Success

Alice Springs Campus

Alice 1.1.01

08 8959 5312

Janine Bowen

Work Integrated Learning and Global Mobility Officer

Asia Pacific College of Business and Law

Waterfront Campus


08 8946 8850

Gabrielle Mullen

Manager, Equity Services

Student Engagement

Casuarina Campus

Blue 5.1.18

08 8946 8286

Christine Schlesinger

Senior Lecturer - Environmental Science

Alice Springs Campus

08 8959 5218

Karen Winn


Health, Safety and Environment

Casuarina Campus

Red 6.1

08 8946 7572

Anthony Schuman

Manager, Space Management Services

Facilities Management

Casuarina Campus

Orange 8.1.20

08 8946 6967

Liz Hendry

Team Leader Careers and Employment

Student Admin and Equity Services

Casuarina Campus

Blue 5.1.02b

08 8946 6395

Megan Hensler

Records & Archives Officer


Casuarina Campus

Purple 3

08 8946 7165

Penelope Sweeting

Lecturer - Nursing

Sydney Campus

815 George Street

02 8047 4144