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Equity and diversity

The University is committed to achieving equality of opportunity in education and employment. The University recognises its responsibility to adopt procedures to ensure the absence of discrimination and harassment in relation to all facets of student and staff participation at the University in accordance with prevailing community standards of best practice and relevant legislation.

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Indigenous Employment

Our commitment

The Charles Darwin University Enterprise Agreement outlines our commitment to supporting Indigenous participation in the workplace including:

  • Respect for cultural, societal and religious practices by Indigenous Australians
  • Recognition of Indigenous knowledge as a significant contributor to other bodies of knowledge
  • Recognition of scholarship that Indigenous employees bring to the University
  • Recognition of intellectual property of Indigenous communities and
  • The improtance of Indigenous ceremonial activiites, cultural practices and identity

Read the full clause in the Enterprise Agreement.

CDU Strategic Plan

CDU's Strategic Plan "Connect, Discover, Grow" places a focus on being globally recognised for Indigenous leadership.

Download the Strategic Plan

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Strategy 2018 - 2020

CDU is commited and places the highest priority to providing, effective and transformative leadership in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary education in Australia. To assit in achieving this, CDU has developed an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforces Strategy. The Strategy will support our staff to develop cultural competency skills and will lead to increased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment at the University.

Read the Strategy here.

Universities Australia Indigenous Strategy

CDU is proud to support the Universities Australia Indigenous Strategy to improve Indigenous participation in university education. The 2018 Closing the Gap report highlighted that improving educational attainment has an important link to employment outcomes for Indigenous people.

Contact Officers

Contact Officers are the first point of contact for students and staff who are experiencing discrimination, harassment or bullying and want to talk to someone about their options or would like further information. CDU has volunteer Contact Officers across several campuses.

Contact Officers are trained in the basic skills and requirements of being a contact officer, equal opportunities legislation and responsibilities, bullying and discrimination legislation, mandatory reporting responsibilities in the NT, and how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence. 

For a list of CDU Contact Officers please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a Contact Officer please contact People and Capability at

Workplace Gender Equality

On 27th July 2018, Charles Darwin University lodged its annual public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. The public report and the University's compliance notice can be downloaded below.

Diversity and Wellbeing Calendar

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Policies and Procedures

Equal Opportunity Training

EO Online is a self-paced online equal opportunity training program for higher education employees. The program aims to help creation a positive environment in which all staff and students are treated fairly and equitably by providing theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of how to apply equal opportunity principles in work and study environments.

By working through the EO Online modules, staff will:

  • learn how to deal with and understand legal rights
  • prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • understand their responsibilities to achieve a discrimination and harassment-free campus
  • increase their awareness of equity policies, issues and strategies at this university.

EO Online consists of two modules, each module takes between 1-2 hours to complete. Module 1 is for all staff, while module 2 is specifically aimed at supervisors and managers.

Access the EO Online modules here