Starting work at CDU

New staff induction and orientation

CDU welcomes all new staff members. This page is designed to ensure a smooth transition into your new job and working environment. If you have any questions regarding your employment, please speak with your supervisor or contact your HR Business Partner:  

Compulsory Courses

All new staff are required to complete the following courses and actions during their first month of employment with CDU:


Staff Induction Governing Documents

New Staff Orientation 

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Cross Cultural Workshop

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Equal Opportunity

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2019 Office Safety and Workplace Ergonomics

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2019 CDU Emergency Procedures
Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS) Legislative Framework (as required)

Consent Matters

For teaching staff, HE and VET, there is more information and induction resources at the Education Strategy web page - see "New Teaching Staff".

Induction guidelines

For new employee

Before you commence with the University:

  • Make sure that the Letter of Offer / Employment contract has been signed and returned to People and Capability
  • Confirm details of your first day of reporting with your immediate supervisor including time to report, where to park etc.

For supervisor

  • Contact the new employee, confirm receipt of the employment contract and ensure that it has been signed and returned by the staff member to People and Capability team
  • Confirm starting date with the new staff member and inform them what time to arrive, where to park and where you will meet them
  • Inform through email other colleagues in the team about the new staff member’s arrival and role
  • Arrange for workstation / office set up (access to telephone, computer, printer, stationery supplies)
  • Arrange workplace induction plan
  • Nominate a buddy / induction partner within the team

Follow the New employee induction supervisor’s checklist to assist you in planning your induction with your new staff member.

For new employee

  • Have your immediate supervisor show you around  work areas and introduce you to immediate colleagues  in your unit
  • Set your personal workspace
  • Ask your supervisor for an overview of the functional area – its purpose, organisational structure, and goals
  • Partner with your supervisor to identify your initial assignments; the purpose of your work; how it fits into your department or school's overarching mission and goals; and how you can begin making immediate contributions
  • Review your job description, outline of duties, and expectations
  • Ask your supervisor for your log-in account details, your access to internet / intranet and email and telephone system (if applicable)
  • Request copy of the campus map and  tour around relevant facilities
  • Deliver any outstanding sign-on documentation to complete your formal sign-on with OPC
  • Meet with salaries personnel and discuss if your have any concerns about salary and allowances, benefits,  prior service or superannuation

For supervisor

  • Be there to greet the new employee when they arrive
  • Activate computer access through eCentre – if not done prior to commencement (eCentre is managed by ITMS)
  • Introduce them to other staff including where possible key personnel
  • Explain the organisational structure within the work unit
  • Specify hours of attendance/lunch breaks as applicable
  • Arrange allocation of area keys (where applicable)

Systems - Explain University/departmental systems including:

  • Phone system, including voicemail
  • Computer system, inc. email, relevant websites, calendar/meeting scheduler, share drives, records management system
  • System for obtaining stationery
  • eCentre – and the need to read compulsory CDU Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Safety, Emergency and Wellbeing - Go through the Local area WHS Induction checklist 

  • WHS roles and responsibilities
  • CDU Emergency procedures
  • Who the relevant local safety representatives, Emergency Warden(s), First Aider(s) are
  • Personal protective equipment

Local Orientation - Take the new employee on an orientation walk

  • Associated work areas including kitchen facilities, staff rooms, toilets etc.
  • Library
  • Food outlets, bank, etc.
  • Car-parks (explain permits, free parking and voucher system)
  • IT Kiosk for photo ID/Access Card
  • For regional areas, email employees photo to OPC who will arrange and mail out ID/Access Card

For new employee

  • Check you have access to all Induction items listed above 
  • Read and accept the compulsory CDU Governance documents in eCentre
  • Have a discussion with supervisor to cover different aspects of the position (position profile, objectives, opportunities etc.)

For supervisor

Position details

Cover aspects of the position with the new staff member (formal meeting to identify work requirements)

  • Discuss position profile, primary objectives, key responsibilities, major task/roles
  • Discuss work unit and departmental meetings
  • Outline performance expectations and performance feedback/review mechanism - PDRS
  • Outline resources available including procedures manuals, documentations, major policies and procedures
  • Outline research duties, expectations, opportunities and funding for research
  • Set up a meeting with the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) to discuss research expectations
  • For Early Career Researchers assign and introduce school based research mentor
  • Ensure contact has been made with the appropriate Liaison Librarian
  • Explain course policies and procedures and university student policies
  • Explain student evaluation of teaching procedures
  • Ensure contact has been made with Education Strategy for Induction to Learning and Teaching at CDU and Learnline training (refer Education Strategy website – New Teaching Staff)
  • Ensure employee knows who their Education Strategy Developer is for contact and support
  • Advise HE teaching staff that they require the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (GCUTL) and how to enrol

Staff Development and Training

  • Ensure staff have received access to LearnLine compulsory training.  If not, contact
  • Ensure staff have received invites to attend OPC Orientation and Cross Cultural Awareness workshops
  • Explain staff development opportunities for professional development – see My development
  • Maintain regular contact with the new staff member during the first week
  • Towards the end of the first week review progress including progress with induction items

For new employee

  • Check status of all induction items on eCentre - My Induction Items
  • If not already completed, attend the New Staff Orientation Program and Cross Cultural Training workshop - Click here to register
  • Ensure you have complete all Learnline courses and accepted CDU Governance documents
  • Have regular feedback session with immediate manager

For supervisor

  • Ensure staff have read and accepted the compulsory CDU Governance documents through eCentre
  • Ensure staff have completed the compulsory online training, and attended New Staff Orientation and Cross Culture workshops
  • Review progress with the employee and provide feedback – seek advice from OPC Client Services if necessary
  • Discuss probationary requirements

For new employee

For supervisor

  • When appropriate, complete Probation requirements. Provide constructive feedback on performance to date. Refer to the Performance Development Review System (PDRS) process
  • Assign additional tasks, projects or assignments as necessary

At the end of first month, the supervisor of the new staff member is required to complete the New Employee Induction Supervisor's Checklist.

Refer to CDU Connect Forms and Documents under the SAFETY tab to access the Induction - Checklist - Staff, Student and Volunteers Local Area form.