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Leave balances and applying for leave

Your current leave allowances can be viewed in StaffOnline. Annual Leave, Paid Sick Leave and Non-Attendance Time should be applied for through StaffOnline. The Application for Leave form (downloadable below) should be used to apply for other types of leave that cannot be applied for through StaffOnline. Login to StaffOnlineLeave Without Pay (LWOP) is a period of leave staff may request when all other paid leave has been exhausted including all paid Annual Recreation Leave and Long Service Leave entitlements. The granting of LWOP is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the staff member's Senior Manager / Senior Executive / Vice-Chancellor. LWOP is not an accrued entitlement.


Pay is run fortnightly and paid into your bank account by Thursday of a pay week. To change the bank account your salary is paid to complete a Disbursement of Net Pay into Financial Institution form. Pay rates and classification information is set out in the CDU and Union Enterprise Agreement and in the Salaries and Allowances Guide.

Casual employment

Casual staff members must complete timesheets for the work that they complete. Casual staff must have their signed and approved timesheets submitted to their area in time for their area to enter timesheets into StaffOnline and then forward to OPC to be paid in the correct pay period. Casual staff should check with their administration office for their cut-off dates for submission of timesheets.

Indigenous support tutors: the Tutor Claim form is to be completed by the tutor and student(s) at each tutorial session.

Corporate health cover

As a Charles Darwin University staff member Bupa offers you the benefits of corporate health insurance. Bupa Corporate Health Insurance gives staff members:

  • 5% discount on annual premiums
  • Higher benefits on your extras
  • Gap free physio and dental for kids at Bupa members first providers
  • Guaranteed portability when switching from another health fund

Bupa consultants are more than happy to speak with existing members, CDU employees with other health funds and also those that may currently not have anything in place. To speak to our local CDU Bupa consultant contact Deanne Jensen (email) or phone:0421 588 521. You can also drop in and visit Deanne at Bupa Shop 17A Casuarina Square, Trower Rd, Casuarina.

Prior service recognition

Prior service recognition is normally applied only to the qualifying period for accessing Long Service Leave. Prior service is recognised in the value of the entitlement only to the extent that the prior employer has transferred finances from that institution to the University to be credited to the entitlement.

Organisations which CDU recognise for prior service include other Australian Universities, the Northern Territory Government and Menzies School of Health Research.

Staff wanting to apply for prior service are required to:

  • Forward the Statement of Service From Previous Employer form (available to download below) to your previous organisation within six months from the date of commencement at CDU
  • Once completed your previous employer should return the form to you and you should then forward the form to HRS Salaries
  • HRS Salaries will email you once your prior service has been recognised or otherwise

Salary packaging

Charles Darwin University offers staff members the opportunity to negotiate the structure of their salary payments through Salary Packaging.

Salary packaging:

  • Allows fractional and full-time employees to choose to receive salary payments as a combination of cash (paid in to your nominated account) and approved benefits
  • Allows you to have certain benefits (e.g. motor vehicles, notebook computers, superannuation) paid directly by CDU from your pre-tax income
  • Is an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approved means of allowing employees to effectively restructure their income and potentially reduce the amount of tax paid to maximise net salary

It is important for employees to make an informed decision about what benefits best suit their personal circumstances and to ensure that salary is not over committed.

If you are interested in finding out more about salary packaging please contact any or all of the appointed CDU providers below:

Service providerContactTelephone     



Vicki Pycroft, 
Business Relationship Manager – Northern Territory
L16 Charles Darwin Centre
19 Smith Street
Darwin NT 0800

M: 0447 712 717

F:  08 8963 5606



Dean Thiesfield, 

Regional Manager - Northern Territory

Suite 7, Level 1 48-50 Smith Street

Darwin NT 0800

T: 08 8943 0640

Fleet Choice


James Herraman,

Director - Fleet Choice NT

51A Smith Street

Darwin NT 0800

GPO Box 3961, Darwin NT 0801

T: 08 8980 5799

M: 0458 360 816


All continuing employees, and fixed-term employees where the period of appointment is two years or more, are entitled to receive employer contributions to UniSuper at the rate of 17% of their superannuable salary. Employees engaged on a full-time or part-time basis where the appointment is for a period of less than two (2) years, are entitled to employer contributions to UniSuper at the rate specified in the Superannuation Guarantee Legislation. Casual employees are entitled to an employer superannuation contribution as specified in the Superannuation Guarantee Legislation.


This is the University scheme and is available to full time and eligible part time staff. UniSuper forms and resources are available from the UniSuper website

UniSuper and Award Plus Plan contributions (APP)

Superannuation payments, including any additional voluntary contributions, do not attract Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). Additional contributions may be made through UniSuper’s Award Plus Plan.

Please note: Benefits can only be provided to the extent that the total cost to the University of providing the benefits requested plus the reduced salary does not exceed the Total Employment Cost (TEC). The TEC is a set figure assigned to each position by the University.

The University determines the salary and benefits offered to employees.


In addition to salary CDU offers a number of allowances for specific duties or requirements. These include:

  • Remote Teaching Bonus
  • Remote Delivery Weekend Allowance
  • Remote Locality Allowance
  • District Allowance
  • Higher Duties Allowance
  • Dirty Work Allowance

Further information on these allowances can be found in the Enterprise Agreement or in associated policies and procedures (links available below).