New employee induction health and safety checklist

Please note:  This form is to be completed by new employees or employees entering into a different role that may require a review of health and safety factors in the workplace

The University has an obligation to its employees under the Northern Territory Work Health and Safety Act (or relevant State or Territory legislation) to inform employees about health and safety in the workplace. 

As an employee of the University, you have an obligation to follow safe working procedures at all times and to take all reasonable precautions to prevent personal injury, injury to others and damage to plant and equipment. 

Please ensure you complete this checklist with your supervisor within the timeframes stipulated.

Employee details
First day requirement
The local emergency arrangements have been explained to me including the location of the following:
My supervisor has:
First week requirement
My supervisor has discussed the following with me:
My supervisor has discussed the following with me:
The following information has been provided to me or I have been shown how to access it by my supervisor:
My supervisor has discussed the following with me:
Training courses
All new staff will automatically be enrolled on Learnline into the following:

Examples of training include: Hazardous Manual Tasks; Duty of Care and the Liable Manager, Risk Management, ChemWatch

Discuss with your supervisor and contact SEW to organise this training.