Living a Smoke Free Life

After the last cigarette

We all know the health and financial benefits of living a smoke free life and the positive impact that it will have on your family, the community and the environment but we also know that quitting is not an easy thing to do by yourself.

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Following are resources available to assist you in living a smoke free life:

Why should I choose a smoke free life?

If you would like further information on the benefits of living a smoke free life please visit:

This website will provide you with:

  • An in depth look at how smoking affects different parts of the body and the health benefits of quitting;
  • Quitting methods and what to expect;
  • Coping strategies to help make quitting a success;
  • Indigenous support focusing on youth and family; and
  • Free apps to download – My QuitBuddy and Quit For You-Quit for Two

If you have ever wondered how much smoking is costing you each day, month or year? Check out these two interactive savings calculators.


I’ve decided to go smoke free, where to from here?

Without a plan, it can seem like an impossible task to begin living a smoke free life. The following websites will provide you with the tools to plan and access to the support you may need:


This website has access to the following tools:

  • Build a quit plan - Take a step by step approach to building your quit plan specific to you and your lifestyle
  • QuitCoach - Your online tool to help create and stick to your personalised quit plan.
  • QuitTxt - Daily text messages to help prepare, manage and stay on track while quitting.
  • QuitMail - Personalised emails with tips, health gains, savings and success stories.

At times, we need a little extra help to quit. A method that may assist you in your quitting program is hypnosis. The following website will provide you with answers to frequently asked questions like:

  • Will hypnosis work for me?
  • Is hypnosis safe?
  • How does hypnosis help me to kick the smoking habit?

Are you a young Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander who is looking for quitting resources?

The site will provide you with interactive elements designed to help you live a smoke free life. Some of the key features are:

  • Videos translated into 3 languages
  • Music
  • Games
  • Ringtones
  • Apps
  • Interactive calculator
  • Downloadable fact sheets
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and guest bloggers pages