Medical Laboratory Science Nomination Form

Nominations close on 30 September 2018.

Personal information
Placement unit for which you are requesting placement

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Placement Location

Please submit preferences for a facility that you would like to do your placement at. Nominate 'Any' as your preferred facility if you don't mind which facility you are allocated to.

Students are not permitted to negotiate or arrange their own clinical placement/s. This includes cold calling facilities/other universities to see if they take CDU students or have available placements.

Preference for placement
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Please carefully read the following Placement Terms and Conditions:

The Terms and Conditions in this document describe your responsibilities prior to and while attending clinical placements.

  • Students are required to follow a recommended study plan.
  • Students are not permitted to negotiate or arrange their own clinical placement/s.
  • Eligibility to attend placement is dependent on successful completion of unit and course requirements, including meeting all pre-clinical requirements.
  • Nomination for a placement unit does not constitute enrolment into a placement unit. Students are responsible for ensuring that they are enrolled into the placement unit. 
  • Students must provide the CDU Placement Office with certified copies of current pre-clinical documents by the deadline. Failure to meet this deadline will result in students not being permitted to attend placement. CDU may not be in a position to arrange alternative placement, where a student has not meet pre-clinical documentation requirements.
  • CDU will attempt to meet student requests for a placement at a preferred facility. However, CDU reserves the right to place students in a placement facility other than that nominated by the student. If the offered placement is not accepted, CDU may experience delays in securing an alternative placement.
  • Students are responsible for making all travel and accommodation arrangements and meeting all costs incurred by attendance at a placement.
  • Students allow CDU to provide their student email addresses to a placement facility prior to a confirmed placement and allow the facility to contact them if required. Students allow CDU to provide copies of their pre-clinical documents to a placement facility if requested.
  • While on placement students represent CDU. Students will conduct themselves in accordance with the Student Conduct By-Laws ( and the ANMAC Competency Standards and Code of Ethics (2006)
  • Whilst on placement, all students are subject to the policies, procedures, and regulations of both the placement facility and CDU, including the academic and disciplinary policies of CDU.
  • Service objectives of the placement facility cannot be compromised by a student placement. Final authority for all aspects of service rests with the placement facility personnel.
  • Service responsibilities will be assigned commensurate with a student’s level of ability and optimum learning, and without diminishing the quality of service.