Research in Psychological and Clinical Sciences

Research in Psychological and Clinical Sciences

The School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences is an integrated multi-disciplinary school which brings together the skills of researchers in the areas of psychology, molecular biology, chemistry, exercise and sport science and pharmacy.

Research and Research Training groupResearch and Research Training Group

The aim of the Research and Research Training (R&RT) work group is to:

  • promote and raise the research profile of SPACS provide oversight of and ensure  compliance with School processes related to research activities
  • mentor staff on submissions to research funding schemes & journals
  • hold seminars and workshops to foster internal and external research collaboration
  • support Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students - review research proposal and budget, identify office space and lab space and any other resources required
  • represent the School at the Faculty Research and Research Training Committee

Members of the SPACS R&RT work group

Dr Simon Moss (Chair)
Prof Timothy Skinner
Prof Patrick Ball
Dr Vinuthaa Murthy
Dr Jim Lee
Dr Martin Boland
Dr Yean Yeow Tan

Funding opportunities in the school

For more information about funding opportunities, such as the RTS scheme, please read the documentation on funding opportunities (DOCX 340KB).

Current research projects

Current research projectsAn Australian - Indian bilateral study to evaluate the prognostic role of cancer markers in patients with oral cancers - Dr Rama Jayaraj.

Safe lifting assessment applications using technologies developed for sport - Dr Jim Lee.

Experimental and theoretical investigation of hard-facing corrosion resistant metal carbides - Dr Vinuthaa Murthy.

Early pathogen recognition pathways in the saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus) and the role of viperin in pathogen defence - Dr Natalie Milic.

Evaluation of the Stability of Medicines Packed in Dose Administration Aids, for Supply to Remote Indigenous Communities, in the Tropical Climate of the Northern Territory of Australia - Ms Mary Madden.

Psychological aspects of diabetes care and management– Prof Timothy Skinner.