Research Supervisors

School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences

We like to integrate the passions, talents, knowledge and experiences of our students with our ongoing projects, programs and initiatives. We might be able to integrate your interests with our research in autism, diabetes, humanitarian aid, indigenous affairs, crocodiles, resilience, cancer and other topics. We can even help you explore a unique and inspiring topic that has never been pursued before.

If you are considering higher degree by research study within our school, we encourage you to contact one of our research supervisors below. This list only showcases some of our potential supervisors.

MembersNameResearch areas
Petra Buergelt profile pictureDr Petra Buergelt
  • Adaptation to change, uncertainty & adversity (particularly disaster preparation, response & recovery, migration & expatriation, and Indigenous communities)
  • Transformation of humans and communities
  • Human health, well-being and growth (particularly spiritual approaches such as meditation, energy healing, yoga, wisdom traditions)
  • Effective high performance collaboration, leadership and teamwork
Simon Moss profile photoDr Simon Moss
  • The effect of government policies on mental wellbeing and physical health
  • The impact of workplace practices on substance abuse, crime, and integrity
  • The effect of magic tricks on intelligence, creativity, and learning

Timothy Skinner profile picProf Timothy Skinner
  • Self-management education in chronic disease care
  • Communication between health care providers and people with chronic disease
  • Diabetes prevention and management
  • Psycho-Social aspects of diabetes care
  • Impact of poor quality sleep on health and well-being
  • Mindfulness and meditation
Dr Malcolm Flack
  • The influence of students’ perceptions of online learning on their online study behaviours
  • Examining how gambling motivations shape gambling behaviours
Prof Douglas Patton
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Integrating Community Development, Environmental Perception, and Risk Management
  • Developing Shared Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Capability: A social network and community empowerment based approach.
  • Functional analysis of preparedness/readiness/recovery and the relative roles of person, community and societal predictors.
  • Developmental Aspects of Preparedness.
  • Functional Integrated, Multi-Agency Response and Recovery Capability in Fast Onset Events.
Dr. Jelena Zeleskov Doric Dr Jelena Zeleskov Doric

  • Gestalt psychotherapy and counselling
  • Psychological interventions
  • Psychological resilience
  • Adult attachment and romantic relationships
  • Personal meaning, existentialism and phenomenology
  • Vicarious traumatization