Northern Territory Medical Program

Staff contacts

Head of School

Professor Timothy Skinner Head of School - Psychological and Clinical Sciences8946 7276Yellow 1.1.24


Leah ParasExecutive Assistant and Administration Coordinator8946 6408Yellow
Brooke CrowAdministration Assistant8946 7241Yellow 

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Exercise and Sport Science Staff

Dr Daniel GahremanLecturer - Exercise and Sport Science8946 7291Yellow
Fiona WilsonFirst Year Coordinator Anatomy and Physiology8946 6807

Yellow 3.1.24
Dr Ian Tim Heazlewood

Associate Professor - Exercise and Sport Science

8946 6715Yellow
Dr Jim Lee (James)Senior Lecturer - Exercise and Sport Science8946 6716Yellow

Medical Laboratory and Clinical Sciences Staff

Dr Hao WangLecturer - Medical Laboratory Science8946 6438Yellow
Dr Natalie Milic Senior Lecturer - Clinical Science8946 6036Yellow
Professor Philip GiffardAssociate Professor - Medical Laboratory Science8946 8548Yellow
Dr Rama Jayaraj Senior Lecturer - Clinical Science8946 6146Yellow
Ramya RamamoorthiLecturer - Medical Laboratory Science8946 7786Yellow

Dr Vinuthaa Murthy

Senior Lecturer - Chemistry8946 6794Yellow 1.1.07

Dr Alireza Ardjmand

Lecturer - Medical Laboratory Science, Haematology8946 7112Yellow 1.1.11

Pharmacy Staff

Lynette LoweTechnical Officer - Pharmacy8946 7537Yellow
Dr Martin BolandLecturer - Pharmacy8946 6360Yellow
Dr Mary BushellLecturer - Pharmacy Practice8946 7490Yellow

Dr Yean Yeow Tan

Senior Lecturer - Pharmacology8946 7130Yellow

Robiul Islam

Senior Lecturer - Pharmacy8946 6889Yellow

Danielle Butler

Lecturer - Pharmacy8946 7433Yellow

Abdallah Abu Mellal

Senior Lecturer - Pharmacy8946 4820Yellow

Psychology Staff

Psychology ClinicOpen Tues - Thurs, 9am - 4:30pm8946 7176Yellow 1.2.30
Carmen CubilloLecturer - Play Therapy8946 6872Blue
Jen Puch-BouwmanLecturer - Psychology8946 7692Blue
Joanne WicksLecturer - Play Therapy8946 6273Yellow
Prof Douglas PatonProfessor - PsychologyBlue
Dr Malcolm FlackLecturer - Psychology8946 6809Blue
Dr Mary MorrisSenior Lecturer - Psychology8946 7781Blue
Dr Petra T BuergeltSenior Lecturer - Psychology8946 6511Blue
Dr P.S.D.V PrasadaraoSenior Lecturer - Psychology8946 7637Blue
Dr Simon Moss Associate Professor8946 6818Blue
Suzanne MidfordSenior Lecturer - Clinical Psychology8946 6859Blue
Dr Jelena Zeleskov DoricLecturer - Psychology8946 6872Blue
Dr Eunro LeeLecturer - Psychology8946 6290Blue

HDR Staff

NameProject TitlePhoneLocationSupervisors
Mr Jagtar Singh

Analysis of Cytokine Expression in Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy: Correlation with Clinicopathological Outcomes

8946 7538

Dr Rama Jayaraj

Ms B Poornima R Cooray

The impact of Health Education intervention on glycaemic control of type 2 diabetes patients among Sri Lankan population.

8946 7538Yellow 3.1.13Prof. Patrick A. Ball, Dr. Hana Morrissey, Prof. Timothy Skinner, Dr E.I Waidyarathne (Sri Lanka)
Ms Rabia Tabassum

Xenobiotic metabolising cytochromes P450 in the saltwater crocodile.

8946 6814Yellow 2.1.01Dr Natalie Milic, Dr Sally Isberg
Mr Darshit ParikhAssessment of QoL, health behaviour and support utilisation by cancer patients in NT.8946 7538Yellow 3.1.16Dr. Rama Jayaraj, Professor Gail Gravy, Ms Christina Bernanke, Dr. Paolo De leso, Dr. Thanuja Thichil. 
Mr Victor Oguoma

Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome in Nigerian young adults.

8946 6783 Prof Timothy Skinner, Dr Ezekiel Nwose, Prof Ross Richards
Ms Kate PuuseppExamining the role of intervention fidelity on the outcomes of a diabetes prevention program. Off campusProfessor Timothy Skinner, Dr Sharleen O'Reilly
Mr Stephen A. Sutton

Cultural Drivers of Disaster Response Behaviour and their Cross-Cultural Applicability

 Off campusProfessor Timothy Skinner, Professor Douglas Paton (UTAS), Dr Petra Buergelt, Associate Professor Andrew McWilliam (ANU)
Dr Ramya Ramamoorthi

Effect of yoga on the immunological, psychological and physiological factors on high risk population.

8946 7786Yellow 2.2.59Prof. Timothy Skinner, Dr Daniel Gahreman
Mr Marcus Sanders

The efficacy and toxicity of glucosamine in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis patients.

8922 3146Off campusProf Patrick Ball, Dr Hana Morrissey
Miss Rhiannon Moore

The Bold and the Blemished: Understanding the skin of saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) and its blemishes.

8946 6783Yellow 2.2.63Dr Natalie Milic, Dr Sally Isberg, Dr Cathy Shilton
Mr Sam Gleadhill

Using inertial sensor technology to monitor lower back injury risks in the workplace.

 Off campusDr Jim Lee, Dr Daniel James
Mr Bijumon K Mani

Replication of essential oil of Cardamom a quality assurance technique: An analysis.

 Off campusDr Vinuthaa Murthy, Dr Kwang Yee, Dr Martin Boland