Hana Morrisey

BPharm, PhD, GCAHM, GDMentHlthSc(CMH), GradCertWoundCare, DipHospPharmAdmin, FACP, AACPA.

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy

Hana Morrissey is a senior lecturer at Charles Darwin University, school of Psychological and Clinical sciences. She is a highly qualified registered clinical pharmacist, accredited by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists and a fellow of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice. She has extensive military and civilian management experience and has been registered as a pharmacist in Australia since 1991. Hana completed Bachelor of Pharmacy at Tanta University, Egypt, and completed a PhD in 2014 at Charles Darwin University.

Hana has number of post graduate diplomas in Primary Pharmacy Care and also Pharmacotherapeutics, practice certificates in allergy, diabetes, asthma, dermatology, nutrition, eye care, men’s health, geriatrics, sports medicine, medication management, cardiovascular, mental health and women’s health from the Australian Collage of Pharmacy Practice. She also has post graduate diplomas in hospital pharmacy administration and management (Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia), wound care (Monash University), mental health and the community (Monash University) and agriculture health and medicine (Deakin University). She has practice certificate in emergency disaster response (University of Queensland) and smoking cessation and nicotine dependence (UNSW and Pfizer). She is accredited for home medication management review and is mental health instructor for adults, youth and tertiary students.

Prior to her employment at CDU, Hana was a lecturer at Charles Sturt University. After 20 years in the Australian Regular Army she moved to the Active Reserve. She also was the chief pharmacist in Justice Health NSW, chief pharmacists in 1st Field Hospital NSW, officer commanding and contract manager in Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre – Medical and Dental NSW, staff officer for Health Logistics in Headquarters Joint Operation Command NSW. She worked as a pharmacist in Campbelltown Hospital NSW, Hampstead centre and Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, SA. She owned her pharmacy in Roxby Downs Pharmacy, Roxby Downs, SA.

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the Pharmaceutical Society NSW
  • Member of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice ACT
  • Member of the Society of the Hospital Pharmacists of Australia VIC
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice ACT
  • Member of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists
  • Member of the Federation of International Pharmacists
  • Member of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association


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Hana Morrisey


T: 08 8946 6889
E: hana.morrissey@cdu.edu.au
F: 08 8946 6847

School of Psychological and Clinical Sciences
Building Yellow 3.1.22
Charles Darwin University
Darwin NT 0909