Mary Morris

Senior Lecturer - Psychology

Dr Mary Morris's research interests are quite varied as is evident from her research publications. Recently, she have supervised two PhD completions – one focused on gambling behaviour and the other on post-traumatic stress disorder. She also supervised a Masters program on the effect of heat on workplace performance. Currently she am co-supervising a PhD focusing on DBT skills training as part of an integrated treatment approach co-morbid mental health problems (including PTSD). Last year she also supervised two projects examining the relationship between mindfulness and psychological well being and this year we are investigating the relationship between personality factors and bullying.

In the future, she continue to explore DBT skills training and she will also continue examining the concept of entitlement and its impact on various aspects of human behaviour and psychological well being. In the meantime, as Dr Mary Morris is the Associate Dean International – a role I thoroughly enjoy and intend to expand and the Co-ordinator of the undergraduate programs in Psychology.

Our other major role as an academic is to share an amazing and exciting journey with our students. Our teaching practice is informed by research through valuing and supporting the teaching-research nexus. As such, our students are research savvy when they graduate which markedly increases their employability and their capacity to undertake postgraduate studies.

We pride ourselves on providing our students with a responsive, innovative and supported teaching and learning experience. Although CDU is relatively small it is quite progressive which affords us the opportunity to enjoy and build relationships with students. To meet the needs of rural and remote communities and in the spirit of inclusivity, all the Psychology offerings are available by both internal and distance education and are supported by state-of-the-art learning and teaching technologies and support services for students. As such, we provide everyone, independent of location, life and family commitments and work responsibilities, with the opportunity to enrol in a university degree or diploma. I can’t imagine a better experience that working with mature aged people, who know exactly where they want to go, know the sacrifices they have to make to get there, and just want us to share our knowledge with them while they simply get on with their journey. Mary tries to make sure my students know that she actually does admire their courage and that she believes in their dream - and she will help them all she can.

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Research publications

Previous two Years

Hicks, M., Hendry, A., Morris, M. (2014). Changing Perceptions of Disadvantage - A Multi-cultural Both-ways Exchange Program. Universal Journal of Psychology, Vol 2(3), 117-120

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Flack, M., & Morris, M. (2016). Changing my Mind: The Temporal Relationship between Gambling Related Beliefs and Gambling Frequency (submitted)


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