Study and technology

Today technology-based resources are an important part of studying at Charles Darwin University (CDU). Many library resources are online, email is used to communicate with students and CDU also uses Blackboard Learn also known as Learnline as its online study environment.

With this in mind, it is important to assess your computer skills to use the types of resources required during your studies. 

Are you computer ready?

The computer skills you need will need include:

  • basic keyboarding skills and reasonable typing speed
  • basic word-processing, including use of tables, tabs, page numbering and spell-checking
  • understand the key features of a web browser: name, version, bookmarks and multiple windows
  • install and update web browsers and plug-ins
  • access, navigate and download information from the Internet
  • copy and paste between word-processed documents and online forms
  • manage electronic documents and folders including naming conventions
  • upload and download electronic documents in word-processing, PDF and HTML formats
  • control playback of audio recordings from CD or online source
  • send, receive and manage email
  • check and adjust computer settings affecting Internet access
  • respond appropriately to common Internet error messages and difficulties: pop-ups, need for plug-ins

Please note: expectations may be higher in some courses and units and might change in any course during the period of your enrolment.

Technological readiness

Check your readiness for online study from a technology viewpoint.

This means being able to deal with issues affecting your online access confidently and without stress. You need to be able to:

  • check and adjust computer settings
  • download and install new software tools
  • respond effectively to screen messages
  • use online information sources to complete these tasks
  • access a computer system where you have permission to make changes ("administrator rights")

These capabilities are important not because you are going to use them all the time, but because they could be necessary anytime, including your first week of online study.

Do you need help?

Many resources are available to help you with any technical issues.
CDU’s Information Technology Management and Support team (ITMS) can provide guidelines for computer set-up requirements.

Find out if your computer is ready for studying at CDU.