Records and archives

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Where information is just a click away.

Mission: Empower all staff to manage their own records seamlessly within their standard business processes and instil confidence in the completeness of information.

Values: We value;

  • Working together to ensure the proactive delivery of innovative processes, solutions and systems that are reliable and fit for purpose.
  • Being approachable, accessible and open to all people, areas and ideas across the University.
  • A workplace that is enjoyable for everybody, everyday.
  • The preservation of our Corporate Memory using sound record management practices.
  • Clear, transparent, appropriate processes to ensure great record keeping practices and legislative compliance.

What We Do

The Records and Archives Branch is not responsible for capturing all University records, but to ascertain that the processes and tools in place are suitable to ensure that records can be captured appropriately by all members of the University community.

The Records and Archives Branch is able to provide advice on the development of work processes for the appropriate capture of University records.

The Records and Archives Branch of the Universtiy is responsible for:

  • Managing the University's Electronic Document and Records Management System and the administration of that system;
  • Assessing systems and work processes for managing University records;
  • Maintenance of the Register of Systems Approved for the Management of University Records (once established);
  • Conducting regular auditing on records management processes across the University;
  • Managing the storage of archived hard-copy University records;
  • Developing and reviewing University Records Disposal Schedules;
  • Managing the application of retention and disposal of University records; and
  • Providing advice on how to implement new processes that involve the management of University records.

Our Strategy

The Records and Archives Branch is working to improve the University's approach to records management.

Our strategy includes:

  • Development and approval of Records Management Policy and Procedures.
  • Development and approval of Records Management approved system guidelines
  • Development and approval of a University-wide disposal schedule.
  • Development and implementation of a Register of Systems Approved for the Management of University Records.
  • Improvement to TRIM end user experience and compliance with Records Management approved systems guidelines.
  • Documenting internal work processes.
  • Transparency through improved and structured communication, induction training, TRIM training, and access to processes through website, WIKI page and road show.
  • Facilitate to identify records systems and ensure compliance with the Records Management approved systems guidelines.
  • Facilitate University community to identify records and ensure they are captured and managed in accordance with the policy and procedures.

Contact us

  • F: +61 8 8946 7435


Testamurs and academic records

Requests for testamurs or academic records are not processed by Records and Archives.

These requests should be directed to +61 8 8946 7191 or +61 8 8946 7192, or email

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