Opening Hours:  9am - 4pm Monday - Friday (closed on public holidays).

Location: Red 1.1, Casuarina Campus.

The mailroom is responsible for the management of the University's incoming and outgoing mail. This service is facilitated through Australia Post, TNT, special courier service and internal mail. The mailroom also handles Australia Post mail for the Palmerston campus.

On receipt the mail is sorted into the appropriate faculty and cost centre mail boxes. Unless a mail delivery service has been arranged, cost centres are responsible for the daily retrieval of all articles from their mail boxes.

Mail cut-off times

Correct addressing is required to ensure prompt sorting and postage of mail. Mail that is unmarked or incorrectly addressed will be opened and returned to the area to be re-enveloped and properly addressed.

To ensure same-day distribution, please ensure external mail is at the mailroom by the following times:

Australia Post: 3pm
TNT: 2pm
Special Courier Service (AM): 8:45am
Special Courier Service (PM): 11:45am

Internal mail to Alice Springs campus

Internal mail to Alice Springs campus is sent out twice weekly. All internal mail to Alice Springs campus must be delivered to the Mailroom by 1pm on either Wednesday or Friday.

Please note: The mailroom is closed on public holidays. Please take public holiday closure into consideration when planning external or inter-campus mail outs.

Mailroom WIKI

For more information on the mailroom, including information on the services offered, mailroom processes, costs, staff mail box listing and FAQs, please see the Mailroom WIKI.


Garna Karyee
Mail Clerk
T: 08 8946 7090

Courier: Andrew Raith and Colin Smith

Contact us

  • F: +61 8 8946 7435


Testamurs and academic records

Requests for testamurs or academic records are not processed by Records and Archives.

These requests should be directed to +61 8 8946 7191 or +61 8 8946 7192, or email

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