Staff responsibility

All University staff are responsible for proper records management and contribute to the corporate memory through compliance with the Records Management Policy and Procedures.

What is a University Record?

A record as defined by the Records Management Standards for public sector organisation in the Northern Territory means:

  • Recorded information in any form (including data in a computer system) that is required to be kept by a public sector organisation as evidence of the activities or operations of the organisation, and includes part of a record and a copy of a record; and/or
  • Information created, received, and maintained as evidence and information by an organisation or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business.

Capturing Records

All University staff must capture records in an approved Records Management System. Systems that have been approved for the management of University records have rules and processes which are there to ensure that the records are being managed in compliance with the relevant legislation and standards.

Approved Systems

To get a system approved for the management of University records it must meet the Records Management Approved Systems Guidelines and be added to the Register (Register of Systems Approved for the Management of University Records). The Guidelines are currently in the process of being drafted and will be made available upon completion.

Getting Help and Advice

Currently, the Records and Archives Branch is working to improve the management of all University records and are aware that some areas fo the University will not meet compliance without our assistance. We are aware that compliance with the Policy and Procedures will take some time and as such request your patience as we work our way through the University. In the interim please proceed with your current work processes until we can invest the required time to ensure your area is compliant.

Freedom of Information, Privacy and Subpoenas

Please be aware that the Governance Branch manages requests for Freedom of Information and Subpoenas and can provide advice on these processes and privacy laws.

Contact us

  • F: +61 8 8946 7435


Testamurs and academic records

Requests for testamurs or academic records are not processed by Records and Archives.

These requests should be directed to +61 8 8946 7191 or +61 8 8946 7192, or email

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