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Office of Research and Innovation

Annual Progress Report

Milestones and Annual Reports
Molly Wardaguga Research Team

Every year HDR candidates and supervisors will need to complete the Annual Progress Report. An email will be sent in July/August providing the instructions and the Annual Progress report form/link.

All reports are generally due in September unless advised otherwise.

Candidates and Supervisors are required to complete their reports separately. These reports will then be shared with the Faculty Delegate and Dean of Graduate Studies. Please note, candidates have a right to submit a separate report directly to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

The Annual Report is the equivalent of continual assessment and a requirement in the degree. The report may also be used to resolve any issues concerning your research degree. Therefore, completing this report timely is essential.

Any questions related to the Annual Progress Report can be directed to

Essential information

Listed below are some questions included in the Annual report which you may wish to start thinking about throughout the year. You may want to keep a record of these throughout the year.

Record the research activities

Record the research activities you have completed since your last progress report or since you first enrolled. If possible, specify the research activities you completed each month.

Examples might include:

  • submitted the ethics application

  • wrote a rough literature review

  • completed training in research methods and research integrity

  • collected data on one study or completed fieldwork

  • designed the second study

  • presented at the 3MT or at a conference

  • submitted a grant application and article

  • completed a data management plan and shared some data in open source

  • completed a plan on how to communicate and apply the research in the future

  • updated my researcher profiles in the CDU Research Web Portal, ORCID, Google Scholar, Research Gate, and social media
Research plans

It is recommended that you inform the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) of details concerning your research plans. We suggest you keep in mind the questions below when completing the annual progress report:

  • Which research activities had you planned to undertake, but did not complete, over the last 12 months?
  • Specify the research activities you plan to complete over the next 12 month

Understanding your research plans will help your supervisors, the college, and ORI have better knowledge of your progress and challenges during your research.


What are some problems that impeded, or could impede, progress in your research?

Examples of these problems could include:

  • limitations with equipment, resources, or funding

  • limitations with sources of data, such as recruitment of participants

  • disagreement with a supervisor or between supervisors

  • personal matters

If these problems have not been addressed, record actions you and your panel will initiate to solve, or at least begin to solve, these impediments.

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