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HDR Supervisors register

HDR Supervisors register

All persons intending to supervise CDU postgraduate research students must apply to be included on the CDU register of supervisors.

If you are about to start supervising, or are currently supervising, CDU postgraduate research students and have not yet applied to be included on the Register, please submit an application as soon as possible.

  • You will need to complete the following steps:

    Applications are accepted and considered on a continuous basis throughout the year, and applicants will normally be advised of the outcome of their application within a fortnight of submission to the ORI.

    Supervisors who are admitted to the Register of Supervisors are advised of the expiry date of the registration, and what level/s the supervisor is registered to supervise, i.e.

    • Associate Supervisor for Masters
    • Principal Supervisor for Masters
    • Associate Supervisor for PhD
    • Principal Supervisor for PhD
  • As part of the University’s quality assurance processes membership of the Register of Supervisors is regularly reviewed.  Membership is granted for an initial period of five years, upon expiry of which an application for renewal will be required if registration is to be maintained for a further period.

    In assessing applications for renewal, the supervisory performance over the prior term of registration and the recommendation of the College Dean/Delegate will be taken into consideration.

  • Where applicable, a supervisor may apply to upgrade their registration to a higher level within the five year period.

    A new Application for

    will need to be submitted to the ORI along with an updated copy of your CV.

  • Supervisors are expected to participate in supervisor training to continuously update their professional development.

    The Office of Research and Innovation coordinates a variety of Research Enhancement Program Workshops for CDU staff and for external supervisors who are able to attend.  There is no cost to CDU Supervisors and Supervisors who have attended previous supervisor workshops are welcome to attend again.  Information on training workshops available will be sent out via the research supervisors email list.