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HDR Communication Competitions

Virtual Three Minute Thesis and Visualise your Thesis

2021 HDR Communication Competitions

This year CDU Plans to take part in the Virtual Three Minute Thesis and Visualise your Thesis

Timeline (TBC)

Mid - May Expressions of Interest open

Mid-June Expressions of Interest close

Late-June - EOI outcomes announced

Mid-July - 3MT and VYT training (it is important to attend the training as it makes a noticeable difference to the quality of the entries).

4 August - Draft entries due

11 August - Feedback given on drafts

18 August - Final Submission due

1 - 3 September - Winner announced at the 2021 HDR Conference


See below for information about last year's winners.


2020 Competition

In 2020, CDU took part in the Virtual Three Minute Thesis and Visualise your Thesis competitions. We have received entries from 12 HDR students.

The Winners of the Visualise your Thesis competition were:

Visualise your Thesis Winners

The Winners for the Virtual Three Minute Thesis were:

Winner of the CDU 3MT

Virtual Three Minute Thesis

 Mujiburrahman Thontowi

Beautiful but Fragile: Multi-hazard Early Warning System (MHEWS) in Indonesia


 Luciana Massi

A birthing tree and a safe place for growing healthy babies


 Penelope Sweeting

Suicides in hospitals and prisons Reducing the holes in the cheese


 Simon Morris

One Size does not fit all 


Timothy Howarth

 Small babies, Small returns


Visualise your thesis slide presentations

There are 7 entries in the competition. Please click through the slides to view the full entry:

1. Anita Rijal

Understanding the impact of education agent services on Nepalese students' study experiences in Australia

H5P Component

2. Eva San

 Exploring the third space in creative therapies

H5P Component

3. Jenny House

Community-based fisheries management through a gender lens: examining gendered participation in fisheries management and monitoring in Timor-Leste


H5P Component

4. Varunika Ruwanpura

Introducing radical cure for P. vivax malaria: stakeholder networks, policy processes and contextual factors influencing policy change in three countries

H5P Component

5. Lucy Stewart

Supporting Custodians to raise awareness of and respect for sacred sites through cultural education platforms in Mparntwe (Alice Springs)

H5P Component

6. Winnie Chen

Territory Kidney Care: a clinical decision support tool for chronic kidney disease – development, validation, and cost-effectiveness

H5P Component

7. Yvette Martin

Artistic bodies in response to disaster

H5P Component

Virtual Three Minute Thesis 

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) looks a little different this year due. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 3MT in 2020 involves pre-recorded presentations, rather than live presentations in front of an audience, as was the format in the previous years. Please note: competitors *will not* be judged on video/ recording quality or editing capabilities (optional inclusions). Judging will focus on the presentation, ability to communicate research to a non-specialist audience, and 3MT PowerPoint slide.

Competitors have 3 minutes to effectively explain their research in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. The 3MT competition cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills.  See for examples of previous winners.

For the CDU competition, the prizes are:

  • Winner $1500 research grant
  • Runner Up $1000 research grant
  • Viewer’s Choice $500 research grant

The CDU winner will be invited to submit an entry in the 2020 Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Final. They have the option to either submit their current presentation or rerecord and submit a new presentation. Prizes for the Asia Pacific competition include research travel grants between $1000 and $5000.

Visualise your Thesis

Visualise your Thesis is an international competition for graduate researchers, created by the University of Melbourne. Entry is open to currently-enrolled PhD and Master by Research candidates who are active and attending. It is suitable for all disciplines and for students at any stage of their candidature.

Competitors present their projects in a 60-second, eye-catching, audio-visual digital display. Using a pre-supplied template, they are tasked with developing a striking e-poster presentation that succinctly describes their research, and its potential benefits, to a non-specialist audience.

For the CDU competition, the prizes are:

  • Winner $1500 research grant
  • Runner Up $1000 research grant
  • Viewer’s Choice $500 research grant

The winning entry (first place) will represent Charles Darwin University in the 2020 Visualise Your Thesis International Competition, which will be held online. Check the international competition website for prize details (