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Material for HDR candidates

Confirmation of candidature, progress, and competitions

International students at orientation

Confirmation of candidate and progress reports

During your candidature, you need to show that you are forging progress. Specifically

  • within the first 6 to 9 months, candidates should complete their confirmation of candidature: a supervision agreement, a research proposal, and an oral defence of their proposal
  • each year, candidates must complete a progress report. If progress is not adequate, candidates need to construct a plan that stipulates how they will accelerate their progress in the next few months

Finally, during their degree, candidates should attend workshops and develop their research, personal, and career skills.  To record this development and to earn possible rewards, utilise the following document

Supervision agreements

As soon as possible, students and supervisors should construct a supervision agreement--a document that stipulates how the individuals should work together as well as mutual responsibilities and obligations.

This document presents many clauses you could include in your supervision agreement.  You should, together with your supervisor, decide which clauses to include or to modify.  Record this agreement using the following form:

End userIf possible, your supervision panel should also include an end-user, someone from a government agency, corporation, or NGO who could benefit from this research.  This person, for example, could facilitate networking and offer advice on how to improve the impact of this research. 

Research proposals and abstracts

Your main task during the confirmation of candidature is to draft and to submit a research proposal. To help you complete this task, please consider the following information or skim these slides:

Documents to readContent of documents
Demonstrates how to write abstracts--the first section of your research proposal
Stipulates the main contents of a research proposal

Research presentations

During your candidature, you will need to complete oral presentations at some time. You might also participate in various competitions, such as visualise your thesis. To learn some validated but surprising insights on how to present confidently and convincingly, please consider the following materials.

Materials to considerContent of these materials
Informs supervisors how to organize the oral presentations--but also helps candidates understand how these presentations are evaluated
Imparts some helpful insights on how to present more effectively
Offers advice on how to succeed in a competition called Visualise your thesis--a one minute video that outlines your work.  This document also helps you construct more pleasing and dynamic slides.
Presents examples of visual effects you can use in Microsoft Powerpoint to optimise your videos.  

Delays or changes to your research 

Each year, you and your principal supervisor will receive an email in which you will be asked to complete a progress report.  For example, you will be prompted to include a plan of the activities you will complete, to record some challenges you experienced, and to evaluate the support you received.  In addition, you may sometimes need to update your research or plans.  In these instances, the following information is crucial.

Documents to readContent of these documents
If you plan to change your research in some way, you must read this document--especially if you are an international student or plan to change your project after the confirmation of candidature.

If you have not completed your confirmation of candidature on time, you may be able to seek an extension.  Without an extension, your candidature can be suspended or terminated.  Furthermore, if your progress is deemed inadequate, you may be asked to construct a plan on how you will progress.  In both circumstances, read this document