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Dr Rebecca Murray

Higher Degree by Research
Dr Rebecca Murray

Dr Rebecca Murray is the Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance, a partnership between CDU and SPEE3D, a manufacturing firm. The joint initiative uses 3D metal printing technology that’s unique in the world.

Rebecca’s background is in both Biomedical Engineering (Dr Ing, MSc.) and Materials Engineering (BSc). She has substantial experience in driving collaboration between industry and academia, in Australia and abroad.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Ceramic Engineering from the University of Missouri, a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Oxford and a Doctor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg.

Rebecca’s research focuses on a world-first 3D printer called LightSpeed. With her team, she is investigating suitable applications and material for technology to be used across the world.

In the past, 3D metal printing has been used for high-end activities, such as satellites and Formula 1 cars and yachts. With this new technology, however, users can print parts that have use in everyday life. The technology that Rebecca has helped to develop is already printing parts for navy ships.

The technology has the potential to disrupt industries—it’s a game changer. It can be used in many fields, from medicine to defence, from oil and gas to mining. Rebecca and her team are working with people from all over the university, particularly with specialists in engineering and economics, to investigate how this new technology might impact the world.

Rebecca is currently available to supervise PhD students who want to conduct cutting-edge research to unlock the full potential of the LightSPEE3D technology.

At CDU, HDR students have access to the inventor of the technology and its software. We have access to knowledge resources that are unique in the world.

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