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Induction and updates for supervisors

This short video presents the purpose of this website for research supervisors--highlighting how the site is designed to diminish the workload of supervisors and prevent serious problems, from limited progress and burnout to depression and suicide in candidates.


Introduction to research supervision at CDU

Documents to readContent of these documents

Imparts helpful information if you would like to register as a principal or associate supervisor.  To register, you then need to complete the following form:

If possible, supervision teams should also include an end user--someone from a government agency, corporation, or NGO who could benefit from this research.  This person, for example, could facilitate networking and offer advice on how to improve the impact of this research. This end user does not need to be a registered supervisor.

    If you are new to the university or to supervision, but too busy to learn anything else about research supervision at CDU, read this document--the key gossip about research supervision at CDU
    Presents information about updates, during the last year, that are relevant to research supervisors.  


    Here are some temporary materials to support the workshop