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Meeting dates and submission deadlines

Animal ethics

CDU AEC meetings

The CDU AEC meets eight times every year. Closing dates for submissions are published alongside each meeting date below. Submission deadlines are approximately two and a half weeks prior to a scheduled AEC meeting. 

Please note: Only complete submissions received by the applicable deadline will be considered at the upcoming meeting. Incomplete or late submissions cannot be accepted and will be deferred to the next available meeting.

2022 AEC Meetings

Meeting No

Submission Deadline (by 11.00am)

Meeting Date

AEC Meeting 1/22

13 January

2 February

AEC Meeting 2/22

24 February

16 March

AEC Meeting 3/22

28 April

18 May

AEC Meeting 4/22

9 June

29 June

AEC Meeting 5/22

28 July

17 August

AEC Meeting 6/22

1 September

21 September

AEC Meeting 7/22

13 October

2 November

AEC Meeting 8/22

17 November

7 December