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Research and Innovation

Research excellence and impact

CDU’s research focuses on improving the lives of the people in our region; in understanding and making better the societies, economies, health and environments of Northern Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Excellence and impact

The quality and impact of CDU’s research is recognised nationally and internationally.

In the Commonwealth Government’s Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2018, CDU’s research strength that we were ranked at or above world average on 82 per cent of the specialist research disciplines in which it was assessed.

In the Commonwealth Government’s national Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI) 2018, all of CDU’s assessed research case studies were rated as having medium to high positive impact for the wider community and medium to high engagement with end-users. This is further endorsement of the fact that our work has real benefits, beyond academia to industry, government, society, and the communities we serve.


  • $500+ Million in healthcare savings for the prevention of Indigenous psychological illness and malaria outbreaks in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • $130 Million in carbon abatement contracts sold by Traditional owners as a result of CDU research.
  • 50 per cent reduction in melioidosis mortality in the Northern Territory.
  • 40 per cent reduction in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander depression cases resulting in taxpayer savings of $71.7 million in 2017.

Our research impact

Dive into research from across the university and explore the impact of CDU's researchers both at home and abroad.