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Charles Darwin University places great value on the knowledge, expertise and integrity of its research students and staff and on their commitment to conduct research with high standards of integrity and ethics.

The University provides support, resources and training in research integrity and ethics and works to build a responsible research culture underpinned by the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and based on respect for human research participants, animals and the environment.

Research integrity

CDU operates in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.  To find Research and Research Training Policies, Procedures and Guidelines see the Governance document library.

Find out more about research integrity.

Research Integrity Advisors

The Research Integrity Advisor network fosters and enhances the University’s responsible research culture through advising the research community and supporting the development of resources, training and reflective practice.

Research Integrity Advisor Network (PDF, 112.09 KB)


Research policy and conduct
Human research ethics

Research Ethics Review processes are undertaken in accordance with relevant guidelines and legislation and the University works to ensure review process are timely and proportionate to risk and sensitivities.

The University has a single Human Research Ethics Committee (CDU-HREC) that is constituted in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) - Updated 2018  and the CDU-HREC Terms of Reference. For information about CDU-HREC review processes vist Research@CDU

The CDU-HREC Members:

  • Professor Marilynne Kirshbaum (Chair) Category A
  • Dr Bea Staley (Co-Deputy Chair) Category F
  • Dr Sue Smith (Co-Deputy Chair) Category F
  • Professor Reuben Bolt (Indigenous Leadership)
  • Dr Kim Robertson (Indigenous Leadership)
  • Ms Louise Gillett (Category B)
  • Mr Rick Wallace (Category B)
  • Mr Neil Ludvigsen (Category B)
  • Ms Kathie Blair (Category C)
  • Dr Shirley Grace (Category C)
  • Dr Catherine Gittins (Category C)
  • Ms Jenny Bradshaw (Category D)
  • Mr Tony Jenner (Category D)
  • Dr David Pohlmann (Category D)
  • Ms Shelley Eder (Category E)
  • Mr Alex Bowen (Category E)
  • Dr Muhammad Saleem (Category F)

External to the University, the Northern Territory (NT) Department of Health sponsors two Human Research Ethics Committees which work together to provide ethical review for all health related research conducted in the NT

Northern Territory (NT) Department of Health and Menzies School of Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee

Animal welfare and ethics

Animal welfare and ethics at CDU is administered by the Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) and the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) in accordance to the NT Animal Welfare Act and Regulations and the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.

For more information see Animal ethics.

Health and safety, biosecurity and biosafety

The University recognises that success in achieving a healthy and safe workplace depends on the commitment and cooperation of staff, students and visitors throughout our campuses and at authorised external activities. Further information about fieldwork safety and support and the Darwin Regional Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) can be found below.

Darwin Regional Institutional Biosafety Committee

Safety Emergency and Wellbeing

Defence export controls

CDU supports researchers and research students with meeting compliance requirements related to the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 (DTCA).

The Defence Export Controls Office (DECO) has training materials and scenarios which provides guidance for research- related situations which involve collaborating with people outside Australia on “dual-use” technologies - technologies designed for commercial or research use but with potential application for military use.

For more information please contact the CDU Export Controls Contact Officer at or visit Research@CDU

Find out more about Defence trade controls.

Queries, concerns and research complaints

Research ethics and animal welfare

Research Ethics Coordinator

T: 08 8946 6063

Animal Welfare Officer

T: 08 8946 6498

Privacy Officer

Director of Strategic Services and Governance

T: 08 8946 7790

Research breach/misconduct concerns

Director of Research

T: 08 8946 6890

Complaints Management Unit

External complaints can be registered through the Complaints Management Unit who will refer the matter to appropriate personnel in the University. 

W: Complaints Management Unit