Research ethics at CDU

Charles Darwin University (CDU) has two research ethics committees - the CDU Human Research Ethics Committee and the CDU Animal Ethics Committee, which monitor ethical considerations associated with research carried out under the auspices of the University. The Committees each meet seven times a year.

Who needs to apply for ethics clearance?

Ethics clearance from the Human Research or Animal Ethics Committees must be obtained by any Charles Darwin University staff member or student who is intending to:

  • conduct research which involves the participation of, or which may impact upon, humans or animals
  • carry out a teaching project which includes students carrying out an aspect of a research project which involves the participation or use of, or which may impact upon, humans or animals 

How do I apply for clearance?

First, you should familiarise yourself with the National Health and Medical Research Council's publications and guidelines on human ethics and/or animal ethics and the University's Policies and Procedures on human ethics and/or animal ethics. You will then need to prepare an application to one of the Ethics Committees below.