Research reporting

The Office of Research and Innovation collects and reports research activity data on:

  • research-related staffing numbers
  • research grants and other income
  • postgraduate research training
  • research outputs (publications and creative works)
  • the impacts of research.

The reports we submit can impact significantly on the funding received by the University as well as our reputation in the sector and the community. We need your help to prepare the best submissions we can.

Some examples of our research data collection and reporting activities are:

Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)

The Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Research Data Collection is made up of research income and research publications data supplied by universities each year. This data is used in the formula the Commonwealth uses to distribute Block Grant Funding to universities for the Research Training Scheme (RTS) and other programs.

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)

The Commonwealth Government's Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Initiative aims to identify, assess and promote excellence in research activities at Australian universities. Assessment is carried out by review panels of internationally-recognised experts using a combination of indicators and peer review.

The assessment is undertaken at discipline level using Field of Research (FoR) codes and includes evaluation of research staffing, research income, research outputs (publications, etc) and various applied and esteem measures.

For more information go to our Research Reporting webpage

Ethics and Integrity

We also report to government and funding bodies on animal use and compliance with the following legislations:

  • Code for animal use
  • National statement for human research
  • Code of conduct for research

Contact CDU ethics for more details.