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Approvals process

All tender and grant applications that are to be submitted to an external funder need to be submitted to the Research Grant Business Development (RGBD) team by the internal deadline communicated to you by one of the RGBD Officers. All proposal/applications need to have preliminary approval from your Head of Host Element (refers to Head of School, or Institute, Centre or Office Director) prior to commencement of the application.

The documents required to be uploaded into PURE include:

  • your proposal/application
  • any supporting documentation that you will be submitting to the funder
  • letters of support (if applicable) from collaborating organisations that detail their contribution and the purpose of their contribution
  • your project budget*

*Your project budget needs to be prepared using the CDU Costing Sheet (available from RGBD) and should be in line with the University’s Cost Recovery and Pricing Guidelines (PDF 65KB)

Please visit Budget Development for further information.

Why are there internal deadlines?

Internal closing dates are set to allow the RGBD Officers to:

  • check that your application meets eligibility requirements
  • review and edit the content
  • Ensure that the budget is accurate
  • confirm that your application has received the necessary internal approvals prior to submission.

Applications submitted after the internal deadline may not be accepted or submitted without extenuating circumstances.