Australia Research Council (ARC) Funding

The Australian Research Council (ARC) funds research and researchers under the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP).

Funding includes:

  • support for high-quality research leading to the discovery of new ideas and the advancement of knowledge
  • financial assistance towards facilities and equipment
  • support for the training and skill development for the next generation of researchers
  • incentives for Australia's most talented researchers to work in partnership with leading researchers throughout the national innovation system, internationally, and to form alliances with Australian industry.

There are two main funding streams available, Discovery, and Linkage, under which the ARC funds a range of complementary schemes to:

  • support researchers at different stages of their careers,
  • build Australia's research capability,
  • expand and enhance research networks and collaborations, and
  • develop centres of research excellence.

A major component of Linkage is the ARC Centres scheme, which brings together leading researchers from around the world to work collaboratively on specific research problems. The Centres scheme is administered independently of the other components of Discovery and Linkage.

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Notification of Intent Form (NOI)

The Office of Research and Innovation is calling for Notifications of Intent to apply (NOIs) in the Australian Research Council schemes that are now opening or opening soon. If you are interested in applying, please get in touch with us early so we can give you more detailed information on the NOI form, the NOI process and internal deadlines.

Please send your NOI form to

ARC Linkage Project
The ARC Linkage Project scheme is now open. Please contact for an NOI form and further information. 

Find out the details about how to correctly manage your ARC project by reading the information contained in the following links:

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The Australian Government is investing $9.6 billion in science and research this year. A high performing science and research sector is important to the growth of the Australian economy and the good reputation of the Australian higher education sector. Approximately eight per cent ($760 million) of that investment is administered by the ARC through its competitive research program.

In 2018-19, the Education and Training portfolio will provide approximately $2.9 billion in research funding, including around $800 million in funding for ARC grants.

For further information, including the National Interest Test, please read the Information on Australian Research Council (ARC) Grants.