Confirmation of candidature

In order for your candidature to be confirmed you must:

  • submit a Supervision Agreement; and
  • submit a detailed Research Proposal. Your Principal Supervisor must also prepare and submit a Supervisor's Evaluation of the Research Proposal; and
  • deliver an Oral Presentation to a group of disciplinary peers.

As of August 2012, the Research Proposal and the Oral Defence will be linked in assessment. This means that you will deliver your Oral Defence within 2-4 weeks of submitting the Research Proposal. The Faculty HDR Assessment Panel will assess both your written proposal and oral presentation simultaneously and provide you and your Principal Supervisor with the assessment outcome.

Due Dates:

  • The Supervision Agreement is due within three months of commencing for full-time students, or six months for part-time students.
  • For Doctor of Philosophy, the Confirmation of Candidature must be completed within nine to twelve months of full-time study.
  • For Masters by Research, the Confirmation of Candidature must be completed within four months of full time study.