Whole of Community Engagement

Participatory action research and a review of the consent process

Whole of Community Engagement (WCE) initiative is a multi-site Participatory Action Research project being implemented in six remote Indigenous communities across the Northern Territory. This is funded through the Australian Government Higher Education Participation and Partnership Programme (HEPPP).

The research team found that the language used within original Plain Language Statement and Consent Form approved by the CDU Human Research Ethics Committee was confusing for some participants. We have since liaised with key community-based Indigenous researchers and leaders in each of the communities to refine and simplify wording within the PLS and Consent Form. Changes have been approved in consultation with CDU-HREC.

The revised versions of the PLS and Consent Form are now in a format that is more easily understood by research participants and which can be more easily translated in local languages – both in written and oral formats. See examples provided below:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Associate Professor James Smith
Program Manager
E: HEPPP-WCE@cdu.edu.au