IASSR conference

Institute of Advanced Studies Student Researchers' Conference

2019 Conference

We are currently looking for HDR candidates, supervisors and researchers interested in planning, running and presenting at the second Institute of Advanced Studies Student Researcher (IASSR) conference. While staff input is invaluable we really encourage students to get involved so you can help tailor the conference to your preferences.

Take our survey by 30th June to:

  • express your ideas about dates, keynote speakers, social events etc

  • volunteer to present your research

  • put your hand up for the Conference Organising Committee 

Some reasons to get involved:

  • You can put it on your CV
  • To gain experience in conference and event organisation
  • To have some influence over the details of the conference
  • It feels good to get involved and be part of a team

2017 Conference

On May 2-3, 2017 the inaugural IAS Student Researchers' Conference took place which was jam-packed full of events. Apart from the keynote speakers, there were moving and remarkable spun stories, a comedian, Bollywood dancers, breakfasts and morning teas events, networking lunches and much more. In the two days, over 60 students gave presentations covering the wide variety of quality research taking place at CDU.

Congratulations to conference award winners:

Melanie Underwood
Best Student Researcher presentation
2x Harbour cruise tickets
Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Research Training
Ana Vuin
Runner up Student Researcher presentation
Wooden carved bird from Nomad
CDU library
Sarah Ajowi
Best 5 min (speed) student researcher presentation
Pee Wees dinner voucher
Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Research Training
Helen Chapman
Runner up  5 min (speed) student researcher presentation
Small Paul Arnold print
Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Research Training
Katelyn Rossiter
Best photo
Presenter that used a note-worthy photo related to their research topic that they have taken during their study (e.g lab specimen, study species, study site)
CDU Bookshop gift pack
CDU Bookshop
Steve Sutton
Comedic factor
Presenter that successfully and intentionally used some comedic element during their presentation (e.g joke, play on words, pun)
CDU Bookshop gift pack
CDU Bookshop
Scott Bevis
Hard slog
Presenter that has taken on a project that seems particularly challenging/exhausting (e.g challenging research topic, dangerous research area).
CDU Bookshop gift pack
CDU Bookshop
Kamal Melvani
Notable Mention Award
Presenter that has an inspiring story or unexpected challenge to overcome (e.g  great PhD story, exceptional performance, IT difficulties)
CDU Bookshop gift pack
CDU Bookshop
Thank you to all the presenters who made our event such a great success especially  Fiona Quintner and the Conference Organising committee and helpers:
  • Isabelle Skinner
  • Jayshree Mamtora
  • Birut Zemits
  • Natasha Stacey
  • Alyson Stobo-Wilson
  • Lisa McManus
  • Sarah Ajowi
  • Jagath Bandara Pathirage
  • Meika Anggraeni
  • Shara Close
  • Caroline Sheridan
  • Alison Reedy
  • Jagath Bandara Pathirage
  • Kazi Naimul Bari (LEBA RAO)
  • Tia Salam (EHSE RAO)
  • Nicola Rolls
  • Jenny Buckworth
  • Alana Gall

Special mention goes to our two incredible keynote speakers: Inger Mewburn & Cathy Robinson, chairs of the session and the two MCs: Natasha Stacey, Karen Gibb, Jillian Marsh, Gemma Blackwood, Isabelle Skinner, Simon Moss, Lindsay Hutley, Stephen Garnett, Krishnan Kannoorpatti, Peter Kell, Alexandra Murray, and Lisa McManus. Representatives from RIEL & Co, from the Office of Marketing and Media, and CDU’s Office of Facilities Management for their support and contribution towards the event .

photo of ingercathy robinson

We’d also like to acknowledge members of the Office of Research & Innovation along with other staff who acted as in-room support crew including: Olivia Richardson, Naomi Prime, Shanthi Bandara, Debby Mauger, Lan Yang, Kristen Deveraux, Michael Vernau, Sarah Achola Ajowi, Lee-Ann Cole and Christine Cleary. A big thank you goes out to CDU Library and CDU Bookshop for donating prizes for the awards. And finally, thank you to Schuberts Catering for the incredible conference food and support.

Social Media

Twitter hashtag: #CDU_IASconf  

Conference Booklet, including Abstracts (3.22MB):

abstracts booklet cover


Office of Research & Innovation

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