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Managing your project (post award)

If you are not successful:

If you receive advice that you have not been successful, please advise the RGBD Officer and if possible, seek feedback from the funding body regarding your application and why it was not successful.

If you are successful:

You will receive formal advice within PURE from the RGBD Officer. If a project leader receives initial notification of a project being successful from the external funder, it is their responsibility to inform the RGBD Officer.

RGBD is responsible for reviewing and negotiating any funding contracts/agreements and for the Post Award administration of your project (including requesting a restricted cost code for the project funds, invoicing, and issuing milestone reminders).

Important Note: please do not sign any agreement or contract as they must be signed in line with the University's Delegations Policy.

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If you know you need ethics clearance for your project or are unsure if you require clearance, please visit ethics for further details or liaise with our Ethics Officer for further information or clarification.

Please note that project funds will not be released until any necessary clearances are in place and evidence of the approval is provided to the RGBD Officer.

Restricted cost codes are only available for research grants and projects where the funds need to be acquitted.  Please contact an RGBD Officer if you require clarification.

Requests for new cost codes are generated through the University's research management system - PURE - by our staff. This ensures that all projects are captured in PURE and that we receive the necessary documentation to assist with the post award administration of your project.

Familiarise yourself with your obligations and any reporting requirements as set out in your funding contract/agreement. The RGBD Officer will prepare a contract summary when satisfied with the terms of the agreement for the project leader.

Make sure you know the following:

  • what has to be provided when (we will send milestone reminders in the lead up to a due date but it is your responsibility to ensure they are met on time)
  • what the publicity/media clause allows/disallows and any related conditions
  • who owns the intellectual property generated by the project and any related conditions
  • what the publication clause allows/disallows and any related conditions

Invoicing is administered through PURE. Your RGBD Officer will request invoices to be raised once confirmation via PURE has been received that any linked milestones have been met satisfactorily. The project leader is responsible for expenditure of the project budget.

Please work with your Faculty's Management Accountant and Business Manager to ensure that funds are used in line with the contract/agreement and that any errors are corrected as soon as they are found.

Project reports are an important part of your project as they inform the funder about the progress of the project, including any achievements, risks or issues, and of expenditure of project funds to date. If a reporting template is provided with your contract/agreement, please use it. If not, please carefully read your contract/agreement and make note of any conditions/clauses relating to reporting requirements to ensure you provide the information required.

Please upload a copy onto PURE of any progress reports and final reports for inclusion on the project record.

Please advise the RGBD Officer as soon as practical if there are any changes to project personnel, collaborating partners, project timelines or project objectives, so that the RGBD Officer can seek any necessary approval from the project funder.

Please submit your final report to the project funder and upload a copy onto PURE.

If you require a financial acquittal, please discuss this with your RGBD Officer.

If there are any unspent project funds, please discuss these with us. This should be done prior to the completion and submission of your final report if possible.

If there are publications arising from your project, please ensure you have abided by the publications and intellectual property clauses in your project contract/agreement.

Ensure any resulting publications from your project are captured in the PURE Research Output module.