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Proposal and budget development

The Research Grants and Business Development (RGBD) team can assist you with your proposal development, including support to develop your budget.

Proposal development

We will provide you with a proposal template (if one has not been provided by the funding body) and can assist with general information about the University such as:

  • legal name and status
  • ABN
  • annual and financial reports
  • insurance details
  • general overview of CDU
  • policy wording on topics such as risk management, confidentiality and record keeping.

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Infrastructure is the term used to describe 'indirect' or 'overhead' costs related to a project. Indirect costs that are linked to a project include:

  • capital costs: laboratories, offices and other space; laboratory and office equipment and facilities; and other resources (including access to library, computing and information services)
  • central administration: corporate services
  • service/maintenance: electricity; phone; postage; depreciation; cleaning; building and equipment maintenance and refurbishment; and parking
  • insurances: professional indemnity; public liability; Directors' and Officers'; buildings, vehicles, property and equipment
  • financial: raising and despatching invoices; accepting and processing payments; management reporting; costs of maintaining accounts; cost of preparing acquittals; audits
  • ethical clearances

    Infrastructure costs must be included in your proposal in line with the University's Cost Recovery and Pricing Guideline in all projects unless:

    • the funding guidelines specifically exclude it;
    • the funding scheme is listed on the current Australian Competitive Grants Register;
    • the funding body is a research foundation or philanthropic or charitable organisation; or
    • the funding is provided for the support of a research student

    In each case where the funding guidelines allow for all or a set percentage of infrastructure costs to be incorporated, then it must be included.

    Infrastructure waivers or the reduction of infrastructure can only be granted by the Deputy Vice Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor.  If you wish to request such a reduction or waiver (and have exceptional circumstances), please notify the RGBD Officer as early as possible so they can assess your request.

    How is the Infrastructure and Margin for Reinvestment from projects distributed?

    Please refer to the University's Cost Recovery and Pricing Guideline (PDF 67KB) and the Commercial Work Policy (in draft) for details on how income is split between the area conducting the project, the Faculty and Central administration.

    On-costs are the additional expenses of employing a CDU staff member. Costs include:

    • Leave loading
    • Employer superannuation contribution
    • Payroll tax
    • Work cover insurance
    • Long service leave provision
    • Annual leave provision
    • District allowance.

    CDU's on-costs are set at 32% given our generous superannuation scheme and leave entitlements.  This figure is applied to all staff costs, except when funding rules specifically specify a maximum figure (i.e. ARC only allows for 30% to be applied).