Reporting requirements ARC

It is important to note that there are various reporting conditions attached to an ARC grant. 

As a condition of award, ARC grant holders are required to submit progress reports annually and a final report upon completion/cessation of the grant. 

General information about ARC reporting requirements can be found on their website.

The Office of Research and Innovation will coordinate reminders for current grants.  However, it remains the responsibility of the Lead Chief Investigator to ensure all reporting requirements are met.

The ARC provides a mandatory proforma for progress reporting purposes that covers all ARC schemes. 

Go to the ARC website for links to reports proformas.

Please note: It is important to read the ‘Instructions’ section on page 1 of the Progress Report template prior to preparing your report.

Financial information is not reported on in the Progress Report.  The Progress Report allows you to inform the ARC of progress or impediments you have encountered during the year.

Progress Reports are due to be submitted by mid-January each year to the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI). 

Please submit an electronic copy of your Progress Report via email to

Hard copies are not required.

Certification of the report is only required from the Lead Chief Investigator. 

A signature is not required – you simply type your name and date the report in the applicable fields.

The ORI will read each Progress Report for compliance purposes and to ensure no variation requests are required to also be submitted. 

The ORI is required to submit all Progress Reports to the ARC by the end of January each year.

Final reports, with the exception of LIEF, are due within six months of the final payment (including any carry forward).

Final Reports for LIEF: these are due by 1 November of the year after the calendar year where all ARC and contributor funds were expended.

The Final Report template is available through GAMS, and must be completed and submitted directly to the ARC through that system.

The ARC provides comprehensive instructions for completing and submitting the Final Reports on their website.

Please ensure you read these instructions carefully and follow them fully.

The ARC End of Year (EOY) Report provides an overview of all active grants administered by Charles Darwin University as at 31 December each year. 

This report is prepared by the Office of Research and Innovation based on information provided by the Lead Chief Investigator and CDU Finance.

Carryover of funds

The EOY Report is also the mechanism whereby the University can request to carryover any unspent funds from one calendar year to the next.

Carryover requests of 75% or more of the total calendar year’s ARC payment for a Project and/or carryovers of all or part of the unspent portion of a previous year’s carryover funding (more than 12 months carryover) must have written justification and supporting documentation from the Lead Chief Investigator/Fellow.

Further information about End of Year reporting can be found on the ARC website.

For further information or if you have any queries, please contact the Research Grants and Business Development team within the Office of Research and Innovation.