Research Grants and Business Development (RGBD)

RGBD team

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Find out how the Research Grants and Development team can assist you with your projects.

Find & apply for funding

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Interested in applying for a research tender? Or are you looking for help with your application?

Australian Research Council (ARC) Funding

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ARC provides encouragement and support for quality research leading to the discovery of new ideas and knowledge.

Proposal & Budget Development

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The Research Grants & Business Development team can assist you with budget support and development.

Approvals Process

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Make sure your grant ticks all the boxes by getting it approved.

Contract review & negotiation

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The Research Grants and Business Development Team (RGBD) oversee the processing of contracts.

Managing your project (post award)

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Have you been successful with your CDU project? Find out what happens next.

VET Business Development

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Discover what support is available in VET Business Development and how the approval process works.

Factsheets, forms and templates

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Browse a variety of factsheets and other links to find the details you're looking for.