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Thesis examination

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Thesis Examination

Recommendation of Examiners

Are you intending to submit your thesis some time in the next 8 months?

Now is the time to start thinking about your Recommendation of Examiners …

As part of the Examinations process, the Recommendation of Examiners Form needs to be completed and submitted to the Office of Research and Innovation at least three months prior to the intended submission date.

Page 1 of the form provides a checklist to assist in the selection and recommendation of Examiners.

Before the form can be submitted, your Principal Supervisor needs to invite the proposed Examiners to examine the thesis. The proposed Examiners need to have accepted the Supervisor’s invitation to examine before they are listed on the form.

  • For  Masters by Research,  you need to list two examiners and a reserve examiner.
  • For PhD, you need to list 3 examiners and a reserve examiner.

You and the Principal Supervisor need to sign on page 3 of the form. The form then needs go through your Faculty for endorsement by the Associate Dean Research (ADR).

When it is complete, the form needs to be submitted to the Higher Degree Research (HDR) team in the Office of Research and Innovation. The HDR team will forward the recommendation to a sub-committee of the Research and Research Training Committee for consideration.

Once the sub-committee makes a decision, the HDR team will notify your Principal Supervisor and the Faculty ADR of the outcome.

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