Varying/transferring an ARC grant

If you are modifying details in an awarded grant, you will need to seek a variation from the ARC.  Examples of modifications that require a variation include:

  • A change in personnel (including from Partner, Collaborating or Contributing Organisations)
  • Maternity Leave (including further suspension of the project and/or part time return to work)
  • Deferred project commencement, part-time work and/or suspension of Fellowship
  • Relinquishment or termination of funding
  • Transfer of Project to another Administering Organisation

If you are in need of these variations please contact the RGBD team for assistance.

Please note that the ARC will only accept variations sent directly through the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI). 

All variation requests should be provided to the ORI at least 4 weeks prior to the effective date of change to ensure the request can be sent to the ARC.

As of 2012, the ARC is unlikely to approve retrospective requests.

Transferring internally between Schools or Institutes within CDU

If an ARC grant is to be transferred internally between Schools or Institutes within CDU (for instance, in the event of the Chief Investigator moving School/Institute), please let the ORI know as soon as possible.

Project cost codes are affected and sign off is required by the Heads of School/Directors (departing and new).