VET Business Development

The Research Grants and Business Development team (RGBD) has a dedicated VET Business Development Officer to assist you with your business development activity. 

This mailbox is directed to the team, so other RGBD team members can assist if the dedicated officer is away or at maximum workloads. 

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Please note that RGBD offer a range of other support services, subject to time provided and staff availability.  This includes value adding for your proposals, for example: market orientation, tender writing training, and briefing sessions for your team.  The types of support we can offer are outlined below and outlined on the RGBD VET Business Development Support Fact Sheet.

Fee for Service Short Courses

Fee for Services short courses include accredited and non-accredited training that is offered in short course blocks to the general public.

Support offered includes:

  • meeting (via phone or in person) with VET Team Leaders to assess the viability of developing short courses
  • preparing a costing sheet to determine your course fee structure and identification of the courses financial viability.
  • assistance when seeking the necessary CDU internal approvals.
Fee for Service Training and Consultancies - Tenders and RFQs

Accredited and non-accredited training offered to specific clients upon their request or through a publicly released tender – can include requests for quotation – at either their venue or ours over a range of suitable dates.  Training may be customised to suit the client’s needs.

Support offered includes:

  • initial contact with VET staff to discuss requirements of the tender.
  • liaising with clients to determine their needs or reviewing tender documentation
  • preparing costing sheets to determine the course fee structure
  • seeking necessary CDU internal approvals
  • writing and issuing quotation letters to clients or assistance with tender documentation
  • negotiating with clients regarding quotes if required
  • executing contracts with clients (or seeking purchase order from clients)
  • post award management of projects including invoicing (for 20A VET-Contract enrolled students) and milestone reminders.
Third Party Delivery Agreements

On occasion, the University may be approached to deliver VET Programs on behalf of a third party or have a third party deliver VET Programs on its behalf. VET Third Party Delivery Agreements specify how each party to the agreement will discharge its responsibilities..  Such agreements should only be formed however when it is not to the detriment of our own training provision.

Support offered includes:

  • attending meetings with clients and VET staff to facilitate discussions regarding project requirements
  • assisting with drafting agreements
  • preparing comparison costing sheets to determine viability of the project
  • negotiation of  the terms of agreement with the client
  • seeking the necessary CDU internal approvals
  • finalising the execution of the contract including obtaining the internal and client signatures.
Other Agreements

CDU enters into a range of different agreements with other organisations for a range of purposes. These include: letters of intent, memorandums of understanding/agreement, subcontracts, licensing agreements and other collaborative agreements.

Support offered includes:

  • attending meetings with client/collaborator(s) and VET staff to discuss project requirements
  • assisting with the drafting of the agreement
  • negotiating the  terms of the agreement with the client
  • seeking necessary CDU internal approvals
  • seeking CDU and client signature to execute the contract.
Research Projects and Grants

The types of research are defined on our Research Types of Activity webpage

If you are unsure if your project would be classified as research please contact us to discuss it further.

Support offered includes:

  • attending meetings with VET staff and client/s to discuss requirements
  • assisting to source funding for research and with completion of the funding application
  • preparing a costing sheet
  • seeking the necessary CDU internal approvals
  • establishing and negotiating contract terms with the client if the application is successful
  • post award management of projects including invoicing and milestone reminders.
Activity Approval Process

As with all business development activity, approval must be sought before making any offers to clients. 

The costing sheet is and supporting documentation are completed by the VET Business Development Officer in consultation with the relevant VET staff member/s. All documentation is to be entered into PURE to enable the internal approval process.

PURE will activate the appropriate levels of approval, based on the project criteria and taking into consideration the: financial value, cost centre structure and any in-kind contributions.  All approvals will be made in alignment with the University’s Delegation Policy. Note: This process allows teams to be more responsive to their clients and to quickly deliver a quote. 

The Research Grants and Business Development team keeps a record of all project information in the CDU project management system, PURE.

Please ensure that you provide your RGBD Officer with all relevant documentation.