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RIEL seminar series

What are Ecosystem Services?

Presenter Kamaljit Sangha
Contact person
Fiona Quintner
T: +61 8 8946 6378 E:
Location Yellow 1.1.39 and via Zoom - for zoom details please email and zoom information will be sent to you a few days in advance
Open to Public

This seminar is particularly targeting our HDRs and ECRs who are interested in learning about Ecosystem Services (ES), extending their knowledge and skills from ecosystem functioning and conservation science. 

Kamal will discuss what ecosystem services and the related concepts are. She will discuss the importance of assessing the value of ecosystem services from Indigenous perspectives that helps informing the policy decision makers and land managers. Ecosystem services approach integrates natural resources with modern economy and policy. Kamal will offer case studies from northern Australia, along with sharing challenges and opportunities for working in this fast evolving trans-disciplinary field.

About the presenter

Kamal joined the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research in Oct 2014, and now works as an Outstanding Future Researcher in Ecological Economics at the Research institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University. She did her PhD, in 2004, from CQUniversity on evaluating the impacts of tree clearing for pasture systems in Queensland. Since then, she has been working on understanding and integrating the importance of natural systems for people’s well-being, particularly focusing on Indigenous peoples. She has published widely in highlighting key issues in the current Australian policy settings on natural resource management, natural hazards, and Indigenous well-being.

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