About Our School

The Northern Territory offers a unique environment for study and research, as more than a quarter of its population is Indigenous and own the majority of its land.

Interaction with Indigenous communities and the understanding of Indigenous knowledge systems is an important focus of Charles Darwin University.

The knowledge that Indigenous people and communities choose to share has been handed down from generation to generation, through stories, songs, dances, ceremonies and art.

These cultural forms of expression can complement scientific knowledge, providing decision-makers with information about natural resources, systems of governance and cultural views. On an international scale, Indigenous knowledge systems can play a key role in informing actions to ensure the sustainable use of the earth's natural resources.

The aim of the School is to prepare its students for leadership roles within society through developing skills in academic areas of importance, including governance, development practice, policy and resource management and Yolngu language and culture.

The School's experienced and enthusiastic staff, combined with partnerships with Indigenous communities, governments and other stakeholders, provide students with a stimulating and supportive study environment, and rewarding career opportunities.