Indigenous Languages Summer School 2019

Spend two weeks this summer learning about the languages of Australia's First Peoples.

Charles Darwin University is working in collaboration with the Australian National University and Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education to offer the second Indigenous Languages Summer School in Sydney in January 2019. Download our flyer here: AILI Summer School 2019

TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS are available for Indigenous language workers to attend the workshop mode - More details HERE.    

Units of study available in 2019:

Introduction to Yolŋu Languages and Culture  

CDU Unit Code CAS110
This unit gives a basic grounding in the Dhuwala variety of Yolŋu Matha from North East Arnhem Land, including the sounds, grammar, and a basic vocabulary, as well as an introduction to moiety systems, various aspects of kinship, Yolngu life, creation stories, songs, art and ceremonies, and how these relate together.

Gamilaraay 1  

ANU Unit Code AUST1001
This unit is a practical introduction to Gamilaraay, the heritage language of many people from inland northern NSW and nearby Qld. Learners will develop basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills at an introductory level. Mainly through interaction with Gamilaraay people non-Indigenous students will also learn about the importance of language and its relationship to identity and culture.

Linguistics for Indigenous Languages 

CDU Unit Code INL100
This unit is an introduction to the scientific study of language through a focus on Australia’s Indigenous languages, enabling students to develop an introductory understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of linguistics and how languages work, including. sound production and sound systems, parts of speech, grammatical relations in words and sentences, and meaning. 

Please note: students can do only one unit at the Summer School as all classes will happen simultaneously.

All units are fully accredited and can be credited towards study. 

A two-week intensive block: 14 - 25 January 2019

CDU Sydney Campus: Level 10, 815 George St HAYMARKET.


Attend the Non-Award Workshop Mode
A two-week Workshop will cost $1000

Attend as a Higher Education Student
HECS-HELP applies if you are studying in a Commonwealth Supported place. If you are an enrolled student at CDU, ANU or another university, then in most cases you would be required to pay the HECS-HELP Fee - which varies slightly from institution to institution:

Scholarship Information

Options for enrolment are shown below.


 The Indigenous Languages Summer School is a collaborative project between the Australian National University, Charles Darwin University and Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education supporting the Australian Indigenous Languages Institute.

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Enrolment Options

CDU Students

If you are a CDU Student:

  • and you want to study CAS100 or IND100, then check with your course coordinator to make sure they fit into your study plan and enrol in the Summer Semester offering of either unit.
  • and you want to study an ANU unit, you will need to get approval from your Course Coordinator and complete two Cross-Institutional Enrolment Forms.

    CDU Outging Cross-Institutional Enrolment (e-form)
    ANU Incoming Cross-Institutional Enrolment

ANU Students

If you are an ANU Student:

Another university student

If you are a student at another university in Australia, you will need to:

  1. Get approval from your Course Coordinator and then fill in the appropriate fomrs
  2. Complete the relevant incoming Cross-Institutional forms from the right university.

    CDU - CDU Incoming Cross-Institutional Enrolment for IND100 and CAS110
    ANU - ANU Incoming Cross-Institutional Enrolment for AUS 1001

What if I'm not a Student?

No problems if you are not a university student. You can still be involved! Be a particpant via Workshop Mode.

All workshop participation incurs a $1000 fee for the two week course of your choice.

Contact us at : for more information on what what workshop participation will involve and how to pay the fee.

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