Postgraduate Programs

From a graduate certificate to a graduate diploma, a master's to a doctorate program, the School of Indigenous Knowledges and Public Policy gives you with the opportunity to become an expert in your choice of Indigenous studies. You have to meet certain criteria in order to enrol one of these programs.

Browse the list of the courses displayed below to find out more about the courses and the selection criteria for enrolment:

Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Research Methodologies

The Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Research Methodologies explores research practices that support equitable and meaningful engagement in Indigenous contexts. Students are exposed to and analyse alternative epistemological paradigms that can inform research practice and allow for engagement in research that provides outcomes that are consistent with Indigenous communities' vision and aims.

Graduates of this course develop a deeper understanding of the epistemological foundations of Indigenous research methodologies and apply skills learned in working with Indigenous people to secure equitable outcomes that may inform community development and public policy outcomes.

With a focus upon ensuring graduates demonstrate an ability to apply the research practices they learn in a culturally informed and respectful manner, students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful for research with:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, organisations and communities;
  • government departments and agencies who are developing and implementing policy related to and having an impact upon Indigenous people; or
  • private agencies and organisations that are involved in Indigenous affairs and are keen to be informed by meaningful and equitable research processes.

Certificate in Yolngu Studies

This course introduces students to the many languages and culture of the Yolngu people of Northeast Arnhemland. It is taught by Yolngu lecturers under the supervision of Yolngu elders in five Yolngu communities. It can be studied internally or externally online.

Learning is supported by CDs, texts and in an online classroom. Enrolled students are able to attend the annual Yolngu Garma Festival in east Arnhemland.

Students have the opportunity to develop research projects, which are relevant to their work or their personal interests. All research is negotiated with Yolngu and supervised by senior community members, according to Yolngu protocols.

Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Engagement

The Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Engagement is a course that provides graduates with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in the effective and respectful engagement with people in Indigenous contexts.

Students will explore and critically analyse the historical and contemporary contexts of interaction between Indigenous and non-indigenous people and develop communication skills to assist in establishing, maintaining and promoting respectful interactions and partnerships targeted to areas of professional expertise.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities embrace a wide range of different professional areas such as social policy, research and evaluation, development management, health, welfare, legal and human services. You could work in a managerial role for local governments or act as a consultant for Indigenous community organisations. Or maybe you would like to become a lecturer in the field of Indigenous studies.