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Callista is the University Student Management System (SMS) and is used to manage student data. It provides support to students throughout their lifecycle, from admission to graduation; and to staff members for mandatory government reporting for HE and VET sectors.

Call: (08) 8946 7163

System Access

Callista access may be necessary for staff that are required to view student information. Your base level of access will be granted dependent on your role.

System Access Example

1.    Login to eCentre
       Click Forms and Requests > Callista Access Request
       Your form will be submitted to your Supervisor for approval
2.    The Callista team will set you up in the Training environment
3.    You will complete either face-to-face or online training
4.    The Callista team will set you up in Production

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On completion of training, you may be able to request further access.

Additional Callista eCentre requests are:
eRollbook Access – Approved by VET Support team
CSO/VSO Access – Approved by VET Support team
CAPS (Curriculum Approval and Proposal System) Access – Approved by your Supervisor and Accreditation and Registration Team

You must undertake additional training related to this access prior to being granted access.

There are comprehensive instructions available for basic Callista functions and Higher Education Grade Entry.

Callista Inquiry Instructions (PDF 1,351KB)
Higher Education Grade Entry and Area52 Grades Access (PDF 1,137KB)
Area52 Classlist with Course & Unit Owner reports

Instructions including video demonstrations are available on the CDU Wiki.