Step 5 - Update my personal statistics

This page collects the personal statistics that are required by the Australian Government. You can make changes to your answers for these questions if your situation changes and add any missing answers. When you are done, click on the “Submit” button to save your changes.

This page often creates questions from students, the following hints may help you:

Question 2 - What is your citizenship and residence status this year?

A change in citizenship or permanent residence status cannot be done online. You will need to provide Student Central with a certified copy of your current visa documentation or citizenship certificate. An invitation to a citizenship ceremony is not sufficient to change your student status.

Question 3 - What is your Permanent Residence status?

In Question 2 above, if you answered (a) Australian Citizen, (c) Humanitarian Visa, (e) Temporary entry permit or (f) None of the above, you must choose option (a)  

If you answered (b) New Zealand Citizen or (d) Permanent Residency Visa please choose an answer in Question 3 that best defines your current status.

Question 6 - In what country were you born? When did you arrive in Aust?

If you have ticked ‘Born in Australia’, you must also tick ‘never arrived in Australia’.

Question 7 - What language do you speak at home?

To change the language you speak at home from a non-English language to English, you need to click on the list button on the other language section. Select the first option which is blank. This will remove your non-English language. You can now select English as the language you speak at home.

Question 8 - Where was your permanent home residence during Year 12?

You only need to complete this question if you have completed year 12 studies in Australia.

Question 10 - What is the highest level of participation in education you undertook prior to this course?

If you previously answered No to this question and would now like to change your response, you first need to uncheck "No". Then select one of the disabilities, impairment or long-term medical conditions listed.