Internal Audit


Internal Audit is concerned with ensuring the University has the appropriate internal controls in place and operating in order to mitigate risk. The internal audit function is operated under a co-sourced arrangement with Deloitte Touche Tomatsu (Darwin).

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Higher Education School External Reviews

Higher Education School External Reviews (school reviews) form part of the University's continuing cycle of planning, development and improvement. School reviews aim to improve the performance of the University's schools, through a process of self-assessment, benchmarking, critical reflection, forward planning and external peer review.

Schools are reviewed to ensure regular renewal, to benchmark and improve the quality of teaching and research activities, and to assess the allocation of resources. School reviews assist in the management of schools' strategic priorities and future development in relation to University directions.

Underpinning principles of the School Review process

  • School reviews have an external focus, with membership from outside the University
  • School reviews encompass all of the school's major activity areas: teaching, research, community service, and links with particular professions
  • In reviewing the teaching and learning progress, an assessment of the courses taught by the school, or that form a major component of its teaching, should comprise an explicit part of the school reviews process and terms of reference
  • In reviewing courses that have an external professional accreditation requirement, due regard should be given to the findings and requirements of professional accreditation bodies
  • Centralised oversight of the schedule, execution, and implementation of review processes and outcomes is provided by the University's senior executive and academic board structures, in order to strengthen the conduct of reviews and the implementation of recommendations.