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The International Student Officer at CDU will assist you with all pre-departure requirements and will provide you with advice and ongoing support throughout your study abroad. The Officer will also provide the name and contact details of the Liaison Officer counterpart at the host university.

Arriving in a new country can be exciting and also challenging. It is important that you contact the Exchange Officer at your host university as soon as possible as they will assist you to adjust to living and studying in your new surrounds. They too will support you during your stay.

Before you go overseas to study, you must complete the following:

The online pre-departure tutorial, checklist and the international movement request must be completed by all students engaging in an overseas study experience. For students receiving funding or scholarship, payments can only be made after the pre-departure tutorial, checklist, movement request and the EFT funds transfer form is completed.

Unit selection

You can study virtually anything, provided that you have had your unit choices approved by your CDU course coordinator before departure. This ensures that the units you have selected will count toward your CDU program when you return.

Some universities specialise in particular areas; you should research the universities that you are considering to find out which one suits your area of study. You also need to confirm whether the units that you are interested in are being taught in English in the Semester that you wish to study overseas.

As a guide, it is easier to apply for credit for elective units, rather than core or specialist units. If you do wish to equate a core or specialist unit, you will need to print out all the documentation and take it to your course coordinator to prove the equivalency of the unit to the one being offered at CDU.

If you are applying for an exchange place with one of our partner institutions, you need to remain enrolled at CDU and must submit an enrolment form with HELP and other liabilities arranged or paid before your departure.

Travel insurance

Students who travel overseas on official university activities are covered by the University's corporate travel insurance policy. This cover is limited to the duration of your University activities and allows two days of cover getting to and from the set destination.

In order to activate the University's travel insurance, students must submit and have approved a CDU Global Learning Abroad Agreement.

Find out what the University's travel insurance covers and does not cover before departing, and organise additional personal travel insurance if required. Please download and read the following documents:

All students are required to register with AIG Travel Guard before departing Australia. Travel Guard is a worldwide team of doctors, medical professionals and insurance specialist who are available 24-hours a day for advice and assistance for medical emergencies and any associated problems while outside of your country.

Passport and visa

The Australian Passport Office website offers advice and information about applying for an Australian passport.

A visa permits you to enter a country for a particular purpose. As consular rules are constantly changing, we can't advise on visas. It is your responsibility to check with the appropriate consulate about visa requirements before departing Australia.


Smartraveller is a great source of information for all travellers. It is a requirement that all CDU students register with Smartraveller before departure. Smartraveller is provided by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Registration helps the Australian Government contact or find you in an emergency. 

What to take with you

  • Your valid passport and current visa
  • Your letter of offer/admission from the host university
  • Address and contact details of the host university
  • Insurance documentation
  • At least AUD$500 or equivalent in cash 
  • Other official identification such as your driver’s license
  • Any medical records (particularly of immunisations) and any necessary medical prescriptions
  • Appropriate clothing 
  • Personal items such as special medications and copies of prescriptions, camera, personal computer/laptop.

Before you leave home

You need to:

  • Check the validity of your passport; you must renew your passport if it has less than six months validity remaining
  • Apply for the appropriate visas using the letter of offer/admission issued to you
  • Read and understand the conditions of your visa
  • Complete the CDU Movement Request for International University Travel and have it approved as instructed
  • Obtain a copy of the AIG Travel Guard Insured Business Traveller letter with the emergency contact number; if you lose the letter go to Travel Guard
  • Book flights and arrange any additional travel insurance required
  • Register on Smartraveller and subscribe to the travel advice for your destination
  • Arrange for immunisations, medications and request copies of any medical records from your doctor (if applicable)
  • Arrange access to sufficient funds and credit card
  • Organise accommodation
  • Provide primary and secondary emergency contact details in Australia
  • Familiarise yourself with CDU’s Code of Conduct (pdf 72KB).

Upon arrival

You should:

  • Phone or email home
  • Register your arrival with the International Office at your host university
  • Get to know where you will live and how to get to the campus, shops etc
  • Open a bank account
  • Attend any orientation or welcome activities organised by your host university.



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