Student Snapshot report

CDU has an incredibly diverse student cohort which brings great richness to the university environment.  This diversity can also present challenges for curriculum design and teaching and learning strategies.  In order to deliver effective student-centered learning experiences and support strategies, knowing who your learners are is crucial.

The Student Snapshot report has been developed to assist teaching staff to know their student cohort.  The report is available in each Learnline unit site and presents a range of student demographics including:

  • courses in which students are enrolled
  • percentage of their course a student has completed
  • current Grade Point Average
  • unit load for each student
  • unit attendance mode, including location for internal students
  • language background
  • citizenship
  • gender
  • age
  • basis of admission.

In addition, two questions were added to enrolment for commencing students in 2015 to better understand students' commitments to paid work and unpaid carer hours.  This information is also available in the Student Snapshot report.

A specific session within the Innovative Teaching Seminar Series has been designed to assist staff to understand the data provided and how to use it effectively - "Understanding your student cohort using the Student Snapshot report".  The Seminar Series also includes a range of other sessions that aim to provide staff with strategies for addressing diversity within their student cohort and identifying and supporting students at risk.

For further information contact:

Bill Searle
Manager – Learning Technologies
T: 08 8946 1047